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by LFullmer
Fri Apr 07, 2000 2:39 pm
Forum: Suggestions for CEN
Topic: Video Suggestions
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Video Suggestions

This might sound morbid but I really like the video you have and would like to see others showing the different types of seizures as well as showing what the owner should do. I know this knowledge would be valuable for people who are not quite sure if this is really what their dog has as I was when ...
by LFullmer
Fri Apr 07, 2000 2:27 pm
Forum: Treatment & Maintenance Issues for Epileptic Dogs
Topic: spaying and epilepsy
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My IG started having seizures after she was spayed. Prior to this, she would have hypoglycemia if she was lure coursing but never at any other time. A friend mentioned that her doxie didn't start having seizures until after he was neutered and her current IG didn't start having them until after he w...
by LFullmer
Thu Feb 17, 2000 7:48 pm
Forum: Diet & Metabolism
Topic: More again on Preservatives
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More again on Preservatives

This may be completely off the wall but I've been wondering if my IGs seizures could be related to a build up of some chemical or combination of them (preservative) in her system that results in a seizure. I am lactose intolerant and when there's too much in my system, I become sick. I may become si...
by LFullmer
Thu Feb 17, 2000 7:41 pm
Forum: Diet & Metabolism
Topic: More on EFAs & Pig Ears
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More on EFAs & Pig Ears

Questions: Any studies on EFA's affect on seizures? Any studies on specific treats effects (like pig ears?) Any studies on antioxidents? I've begun supplementing with thyroid (she was low normal) and saw the best improvement in the severity and time between. Are there any supplements that are known ...
by LFullmer
Thu Feb 17, 2000 7:35 pm
Forum: Diet & Metabolism
Topic: New to BB/Preservatives/EFAs
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New to BB/Preservatives/EFAs

When I got my IG, Allie, she began having monthly seizures though she hadn't had them previously (was owned by a vet). I began monitoring their severity, watching what happened around them. She seems to know up to 8 hrs in advance when they are going to happen. I switched her to a better quality dog...