Seizure Meds

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Seizure Meds

Post by GentleJacob's Mom » Tue Jun 26, 2018 9:48 am

I had a long talk with our vet yesterday and asked about any new things regarding seizures and thought I'd pass on what she said.
She told me that she's spoken to several neurologists over the last few months and they are now changing how they dose anti seizure meds. Instead of starting on lower doses and increasing over time, they are now starting at much higher doses until they get control, then lowering the dose as they can. The reason, as one doctor put it, every time a dog has a seizure it's like someone walking through un mown grass. The first time you may not even be able to see that it's happened but each time it's walked on the grass gets pushed down more and more and creates a path. That's what they are saying each seizure does. It creates a path in their brain and will most likely lead to more and more as time goes on. They feel that as scary as it is with risk to organs like the liver and Pb, it's worth the risk because the dog will have a better chance at getting control. They are also redefining what they call control. It used to be once every two months. Now they're saying once very six. That last part shocked me. I think it's because even when dogs only seize once every month or two for awhile, eventually that path gets worn down and they get out of control.

I hope everyone is doing well, and they find a cure for this horrible disease. Don't ever give up hope.
I still miss my Jake every single day.

Take Care,

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