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Myoclonic Seizure

Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2018 9:53 am
by Sandy H.
I am new to the list and I was wondering if any of you had a dog that does myoclonic seizures. I have a labrador 15 months old that has really done this quick back leg kicking since very early on. I thought in the beginning that she just put her foot down on something sharp in the yard but that is not the case. She has done it a couple of times in the house and the rest she has done it outside. She has shaken her front leg 2 times but all the other kicks have been with one of the back legs. It happens in a second, just one kick, then it is over. I have found videos of myoclonic seizures on the internet but none of them look at all like what my lab is doing. The neurologist that we saw said that this is what she thinks it is. Then 2 days ago she had several episodes of head tremors. I did try her on keppra for a few days but she was so off the wall that I stopped it. My local vet thought it is a peripheral nerve issue and has her on a steroid but I am currently taking her off of that and may go back to trying keppra. Any ideas that any of you would have would be greatly appreciated as I am really worried about her.


Sandy and puppy Scully