New to CEN with a story...

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Suzanne Haveman
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New to CEN with a story...

Post by Suzanne Haveman » Wed Sep 26, 2018 10:23 am

Hello Friends at CEN...
My name is Suzanne and I am from Ashland, Oregon. Our dog is a 7 yo. Australian Kelpie. 6 months ago she had her first seizure...a gran mal and then our surprise and grave concern. We have come a long way since then to understand seizures in dogs...the best news is that it wasn't a death sentence...if managed. So here we are today. My assessment is this...her seizures were managed by medication but not without long months of trial and error. This made me crazy. I thought meds would totally get rid of them but no. They happen when you least expect them. I felt that we had no control, meds or not. I got serious about recording seizures, time, how often, meds given, meds stopped, intervals between cluster seizures...and I researched CBD oil for canines with seizures. Her med regimen is this...First Keppra seizures for weeks in between, if clusters, we added Chlorazepate for 3 to 5 days. That stopped them. At first it was weeks between cluster seizires after we stopped Chlorazepate...then it became days between cluster seizires. We were frequently starting her back on Chlorazepate. So they added Zonosimide with the Keppra. Better but still a seizure 5 days later. Back on the Chlora. I've been reading alot and am surprised to realize that seizures occur most often when they are resting. Our Maggies seizures occur from 9pm to 7 or 10 am. Never when she is active during the day. My readings say it is an active brain during her resting period that can trigger a seizure. So...maybe of I give her something to completely knock her out at night...she won't trigger a seizure. Hence the CBD oil. Today I stopped her Chlora. She is now on Keppra and Zono. Tonight I will start her1 on 12 drops of CBD oil on a little goodie and watch the results in the days to come. I need to find out what a true therapeutic dose of CBD would maybe bring about a deep sedation. Well, there is my story. So sorry it is a long one. I am open to all opinions and suggestions. Just trying to do something....we have to go away for 10 days and I don't think it is fair to leave her in our trusted long stay kennel with uncontrolled seizures. Thank you for reading and commenting!

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Re: New to CEN with a story...

Post by jaragr » Fri Sep 28, 2018 10:11 am

Suzanne, our dog is sound asleep when he has his seizures. We don't even think he's beginning to wake up. He's had grand-mal seizures since 2013 (that we know of). To make a long story short, we figured out that aspirin triggers them, so we completely stopped that - seizures went from every 2 weeks to about 10-13 weeks. He just started having 2 in one day, about 4 hours apart, and the second is just as bad as the first. In desperation we have him on CBD. The last seizures were just as bad, BUT once he was on feet he was not falling over. He is now 14, weak back legs. So he would literally fall down like he was just so drunk. So that is a positive thing of the CBD. I don't know that the CBD would actually make your dog sleep really deep, and if he is in a sound sleep, that seizure can still come in the middle of the night.

Sandy H.
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Re: New to CEN with a story...

Post by Sandy H. » Sat Sep 29, 2018 3:21 pm

Hi Suzanne,

I have a 10 year old labrador that has been grand mal seizuring since 14 months old. The seizures were over a month apart until she turned 6 and then they were too frequent so we put her on phenobarbital and denamarin for the liver and she has been ok ever since. Her seizures occurred at night and sometimes in the afternoon when she was napping so at night I do give her 3 mg melatonin as I had read about that maybe helping. I also do a little occular stimulation with her before she goes to bed. I was told that it would help to keep her on a daily schedule so we do try to do that also as much as possible. Before we gave her pheno, she would usually vomit before going into the seizure and I would use occular stimulation and I felt that I stopped some seizures from occurring by doing that. But after putting her on pheno, she no longer gives us a warning but the seizures were less severe. Many people give the pheno 2 times a day but I had talked to someone that gave a lower dosage 3 times a day and that worked for them so we do that also. I give her Heartgard without the plus (although some say interceptor is better) and I do not flea treat her. We do not spray our lawn with lawn chemicals. We cannot paint the walls of our house because that seemed to trigger the seizures for her. For several years on the medication she was still seizuring every 6 to 10 weeks apart. Things that happened during the day did effect her seizuring. For example, very long car trips would trigger a night time seizure. I showed her in agility and even though she did not seem stressed about showing she would seizure the night of showing so I stopped showing her. But the funny thing is that we got a puppy over a year ago and she has not had a seizure since we got the puppy which she plays with and likes so something changed in her brain to make this happen. Anyway, through trial and error like you are doing we were able to get her seizures under control.


GentleJacob's Mom
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Re: New to CEN with a story...

Post by GentleJacob's Mom » Mon Oct 01, 2018 8:14 am

Hi Suzanne,
I'm sorry you and Maggie are going through this. It really is a maze to get through trying to find something that helps.
Jake was refractory and mostly seized during sleep and early am hours, but there was a period of 1.5 years where he seized only between 9-11 am. Seizures can be so unpredictable. We also gave Jake his Pb 3 times a day with the total mgs of 2, and also dived up his Keppra dose to 4x times instead of 3 after we found out he was metabolizing it too quickly. That was probably our only slam dunk in over 11 years of seizures. His seizures dropped from 1.5-2 minutes to 20-30 seconds, and his post ictal went from bull in a china shop for an hour to almost nothing. However over time the post ictal turned into threats of clusters. We also used ocular compression to stave off seizures. It worked sometimes, and sometimes we could tell it definitely lessened the severity. We used acupressure to help also, so if you know of a holistic vet who can show you the points that could help.
We gave Jake extra Keppra for 3 days following a seizure plus Clorazepate, usually for the first day, but longer if we needed to. Do you use rectal Valium? It works for some dogs but not all. As far as CBD oil my understanding is that dosing is all over the map right night now until they figure out what works for dogs. Plus there are so many brands available. I have a feeling CBD oil will be like most seizure meds and will help some dogs and not others. We were always hopeful trying something new, but you learn to punch a lot of pillows when you pup isn't in the room. It can be so frustrating.
Finding a sitter for seizure dogs can be just as hard as finding control of the seizures. We always understood why people were hesitant but we were so lucky to have friends that stepped in to help after they spent time here with us and got more comfortable with the idea of handling things. We took our dogs on vacations with us. We still do even now that Jake is gone because it feels so weird not having them with us. Over time you will find Maggie's own unique regimen. Jake's was very complex, but we adjusted and he lived to be 13. In the beginning there was no way I thought that would happen.
My very best to you on this journey.
Let us know how you are.

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