Ellie - Possible Seizures

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Ellie - Possible Seizures

Post by Jennah » Mon Aug 12, 2019 11:57 am

Hi all,

I'm new the site. Thanks for having me. My 4yo black lab, Ellie, has been having some concerning episodes and I am just wondering if anyone out there has experienced anything like this with their pups. Also if anyone has managed to capture a video of their pup doing this that they could share, because it all happens so fast I have a hard time getting something on video to show our vet.

This all started just a few months ago. In what seems to be overly exciting conditions, Ellie quickly loses consciousness (falls onto her side) then gets right back up then her head bops for just a few quick seconds and then she is back to normal.

It definitely seems neurological in nature but it's not a typical seizure in that there is no pre or post seizure symptoms. It comes and goes all within a few seconds then she is back to her happy healthy self.


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Re: Ellie - Possible Seizures

Post by PhryniesMom » Mon Oct 21, 2019 9:12 am

Hi Jennah,
I had a little dog with seizures until recently. Her seizures were uncontrollable and we had to euthanize her. Don't panic! That situation is very rare.
It does sound like your little pup could be having a seizure of some type, but I would definitely talk to your vet about it. She may just be having fainting spells, which could also point to an underlying condition that needs attention.
Either way, you will feel better once you know what you are dealing with.
Please let us know how it goes!
Beth (Phrynie's mom)

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