Harris - so far, so good!

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Sue Riegel
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Harris - so far, so good!

Post by Sue Riegel » Mon Feb 21, 2000 10:01 am

So far, 28 days, and no seizures! Her three seizures were getting closer together in time: 55 days, 32 days and 23 days. Pretty scary!

We began a treatment of 500 mg of KBr with
phenobarb as a back-up in case she didn't come out of a seizure. After the 3rd episode, I had a workup done by an alternative medicine vet.

Started her on Enulose (Lactulose), 3 times a day, to see if binding the ammonia in her system would help. It has, tremendously.

In addition, Harris is now on an all natural diet (oatmeal, cottage cheese, eggs, canned mackerel, home-cooked chicken and turkey, etc.), according to recipes in the
Dr. Pitcairn book.

We have cut back her KBr dosage to 250 mg once a day, and will continue at this level for another few weeks, then (if all goes well), we'll cut that in half.

She has more energy, is brighter, and back to her 11-yr-old ornery self (barking at me and humping the cats!). Her trembling has stopped, and while she still paces, the pacing is not as constant as before. But more importantly, she has been stable, and seems to be improving with this approach.

Here's hoping this improvement continues!

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