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Janet Woods
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Post by Janet Woods » Fri May 18, 2001 9:53 am

Wanted to share my story about my 3
1/2 year old female bloodhound that was diagnosed with Idiopathic Epilepsy a year ago.
Hers began at night or at rest and cluster, took her for total work up in Gainesville, Florida at the Vet school. Started her on potassium bromide only, then added phenobarbital then ended up increasing both as needed over the year. We have since lowered the phenobarb level and have her on a theraputic level of potassium bromide. She has been seizure free since November when she had one and with the use of Diazapram ?
in suppository form she came out nicely.
Since she is a bloodhound and vets do not see too many of them and not too many with epilepsy, we have come a long way. She is a big goof with other health issues, cherry eye, allergies, etc. Overall, I am happy with our progress thanks to the wonderful Neuroligist at the University of Florida and my vet who just informed me that she is moving out of state. Your vet has to be in tune with you and your pets special condition and needs. I have invested a lot of time, money and research on my dog and plan to keep her around for a long time.
I hope this can give others hope that there are a lot of things to try and it does take time to see change sometimes, but you have to beleive and keep trying. I say this now, but las year I was sleeping on the kitchen floor with my dog because I was afraid to leave her. I spent many days and months wondering if she would survive as some of her litter mates were already put down. I spent many days crying arguing with family as to why I would want a dog like this, when I could go buy a "Normal" dog? Was afraid to come home, because I would find her seizuring or worse, etc....
All in all, I love her, and she has a right to live as normal a life as any other dog with a condtion.

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