It's his thyroid!

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Re: It's his thyroid!

Post by njdeskins » Fri Mar 09, 2012 10:40 am

I came across this post today and wanted to give my input.

Our little mini dachshund, Chopper has had seizures since he was about 2 years old. He is now 7. None of the other 4 dogs from his litter, nor the ones following have this issue, that we know it. We had him tested and his thyroid was low, in addition to the hair on his back not fully growing out. He's a long-haired dapple dachshund and we just never really thought about it because his belly and tail hair was long.

Anyway, we moved to a new area and found a new Vet. He immediately suspected Chopper's thyroid was low. His blood levels confirmed it. We put him on Soloxine that is 0.1mg. He gets one every morning with a little bit of cheese. The seizures slowed down, but they do get triggered when he gets overly excited - mostly when people come to visit. We tried to cut the pills in half, as instructed by the Vet, but his seizures picked up again. So, he takes a full little pill.

Chopper's seizures are not grand mal, but they are scary. When it hits, he immediately pees where he is and falls over onto his side. His front legs go straight out stiff, his back legs curl up like he's crippled. Then his little head goes straight back and he begins to shake and silently whimper. He gives us such a scared little look. Sometimes we lay on the floor with him and sing or pray. Other times, my husband picks him up and sings to him or talks softly to him. They have lasted anywhere from a minute to three minutes. Sometimes, they are longer - at least the effects last longer before he can walk again. It's so sad to watch and we feel helpless. One time, a bad thunder storm set him off.

Fleas were a blessing in disguise ....
Last year, he picked up a few fleas from my sister's dog when we went to visit her. For the first 3 days, he was fine and no fleas got on him, but the last day, they did. I bathed him and when we got home, I re-bathed him, made sure the fleas were gone and within a couple days, we had no trace of any. Even though he was fortunate to not become totally infested, his skin was irritated. A friend suggested we squeeze a fish oil capsule onto his wet food in the morning and that it helped her dog's skin. So, we did and his skin cleared up. However, we noticed that Chopper's seizures stopped too. I talked to the Vet and his said it was highly possible the fish oil was also helping - after all, it's good for the brain, so why not?

This coming April will be a year that Chopper has been on fish oil, in addition to his Soloxine. He will always have to take the Soloxine. I can honestly say that he has had maybe 5 seizures this past year! Compared to having that many in a 2-3 week time period - that's incredible. And they have not been like the past ones. He will begin to go into one or get a little disoriented, but not go into a full seize. It has only happened when someone he knows comes over and doesn't acknowledge him right away - he is an attention hog. :))

Whether it's attributed to the addition of the fish oil or our change in moving to a less stressful home - it could be both. But, we will continue to squeeze a capsule of fish oil onto his morning wet breakfast food. If anyone has not tried adding fish oil to your dog's diet, give it a try. It does not seem to matter which brand or concentration, but I have used both the 1,000 MG and 1,200 MG, which he is on now. Chopper responded almost immediately.

My parent's have a Maltese that experiences grand mal seizures and they have her on Opium when it occurs. The poor little thing walks through her food and water, walks into walls, etc. They have to contain her to her dog carrier so she doesn't get hurt. I am hoping by them adding fish oil every day that their Angel will be a little better.

I hope this helps someone out there. I would never have thought the thyroid would contribute to seizures, but in Chopper's case, there is a connection. And he is doing SO much better than before. We are quite happy.

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Re: It's his thyroid!

Post by Anthony212 » Sat May 12, 2012 11:02 am

Just came about this thread. This is very interesting, and my next visit to the vet I'm gonna ask to have Shadow's thyroid checked. Also the fish oil capsule is also interesting, I do research from time to time on different types of vitamins to take since I'm always at the gym and very curious to see if it could help my dog. As of now he is only on Keppra (2 pills 3 times a day) and has been having 1 seizure every 2 weeks, but are not violent at all.

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Re: It's his thyroid!

Post by njdeskins » Sat May 12, 2012 11:29 am

Hi Anthony. My parent's dog got worse, but she is on Opium, Chopper (our dog) is not on anything like that. I convinced my parents to keep giving their dog the fish oil each morning. So far, she has been good and not had a seizure - hers are severe and it's very sad. Her thyroid was fine.

For Chopper, it seems to be a combination of thyroid and seizure activity with anxiety, but none of his Vets will confirm that. I am proud to report that he has not had a seizure in a year now. He only had the beginnings of 5 this past year (as mentioned in my previous post). My husband said it was more like 2, but considering he had minor ones at least every week or two, I don't care - they are non-existent as of now. Of course we still make sure that when people come over that they give him a little attention by at least greeting him. Otherwise, he may become over anxious and go into one. I am not taking any chances - love me, love my dog. :)

I hope you find a solution. I know many say the thyroid is not connected to the seizures, and in Chopper's case, it's apparently the case - at least to me. But no one can explain why he use to go into one when we cut his Soloxine down to half a pill and that reaction was almost immediate? Then, when we put him back on .1mg, he was ok. We have though, been giving him the fish oil capsule squeezed over his morning wet food. Something is working and whether it's a combination of both or the natural ingredient of the fish oil, he is fine and very healthy. I will keep checking in with my parent's dog to see how she is reacting to the fish oil. The only reason my dad stopped was because of the smell. But I don't care and prefer Chopper to have a little fishy breath than go into seizing. I plan to even try the krill oil because those are smaller and I can hide that in a small piece of cheese, which he'll eat. I normally give him his oil and take my own capsule. Considering it's great for the brain and heart, I see an improvement in him.

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