It was a long, but fun weekend.

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It was a long, but fun weekend.

Post by Ron-n-Mattie » Tue Apr 29, 2008 9:15 pm

Mattie & I just finished a long weekend of training at the NASDN seminar at Camp Ripley, MN. Last year, the night before we left, Mattie had two seizures and we had a short weekend as she seemed to be fighting seizures after the second day.

This year I took along enough stuff to do a clean up in case of a seizure, made sure to bring "her" crate and "her" bedding. Also brought 2 am-fm radios - one for in the room when I was out for a few minutes and another one for when she was alone inside the Suburban. It was a good weekend even with 4+ inches of snow and working in mud. Mattie had her first boat rides and learned that she can do a good job of finding cadaver even if her handler doesn't do so good. We stressed her pretty good on a search longer than either of us have worked in training and I forgot to bring her water along and she worked it out just great.

The only scare was Monday morning about 5 am when she woke me up 'screaming'. I turned on the light expecting to see her in a seizure but it was like she but she had a dream or anxiety attack (do dogs do that?). Once she looked around it was like nothing happened.

We're keeping our fingers crossed as she is doing so well after a slight Pheno adjustment and I think the Taurine may be part of it as well.
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