Leo has gone 27 days with no seizures and is becoming active

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Leo has gone 27 days with no seizures and is becoming active

Post by JodyB » Tue May 27, 2008 8:24 am

I think Leo's medicine must be working. He hasn't had a seizure in 27 days!!! His only set back was when he took his heartworm tablet. Heartworm is a big problem in our area. The vet thought that with the hydrocephalus under control, the tablets wouldn't bother him so much. He had an upset stomach for two days and couldn't sleep at night. I guess we will have to try something else. Any suggestions?

Leo's nemesis (my daughter's dog) has been visiting us since last Wednesday. DD is in Venezuela on a college trip, and we have the dog for 10 days. Even with the stress of the other dog (Leo hates him), there have been no seizures. I am so happy!! I thank God we found our answers and hope everybody does.

Leo takes Dyna-Lode vitamins, thyroid tablets, taurine and dexmethasone. The dexamethasone dosage was reduced once. The vet wants to reduce it again two days after the other dog leaves. Then he will be on the low dose forever. And I have to add that I have been very happy with Leo's health insurance. They have paid out over $600 so far this year. After this year, his epilepsy/hydrocephalus won't be covered anymore (that is how most pet insurance policies work), but I intend to have all of the expensive diagnostics completed by then.

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Re: Leo has gone 27 days with no seizures and is becoming active

Post by pjpick » Mon Mar 29, 2010 10:54 pm

Hi, I just read your post and have a question. Did you have a CSF tap or MRI done to diagnose the hydrocephalus and did they call it GME? My dog recently started having seizures and because I can't afford the CSF/MRI tests they are choosing to start with phenobarb. He started to have cluster seizures last night.

How long did it take him to come out of the seizures (that were unmedicated). Did he seem fairly sedate after those initial seizures? Did he exhibit any other symptoms post-ictal?


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