Seizure free since 2006, now June of 2010

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Seizure free since 2006, now June of 2010

Post by Mostlee » Mon Jun 21, 2010 9:22 pm

Good news. My Norwegian Elkhound has had only 3 seizures since 2006, and those 3 are attributed to a hospital stay (when the Drs stopped giving her all her meds for 4 days).

Of course, she is still taking Phenobarb 97.2mgs per day and 2.4 ccs of K Brovet solution (potassium bromide) per day. I buy Phenobarb from my local pharmacies for about 10 cents per pill and the K Brovet solution (which comes flavored with no extra cost) for $12.00 US which lasts 45-50 days. So that adds up to about 55 cents per day to keep her seizures at bay.

Oops, forgot, the testing she has in order to keep her on those medicines costs me about $525. a year (three rounds of tests in that year, phenobarb and potassium toxicity levels).
New estimate for daily cost is at $1.99. I tweak that amount down a tad when I have her Vet write a prescription for one month at a time for the phenobarb. That way, if the pharmacy is giving out a $10. or $20. coupon for new prescriptions, I can benefit from that.

p.s. I thought she was seizure free since 2004, but the receipts don't lie, it's 2006, ooops on my part.
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Re: Seizure free since 2004, now June of 2010

Post by Apache » Tue Jun 22, 2010 4:48 pm

Wow! That's very impressive! Congratulations! I sure would like to see a sign that our guy would be headed towards such a lengthy time seizure free. I truly hope it continues for you and your beloved Norwegian Elkhound.


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