14 months seizure fee!!!

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14 months seizure fee!!!

Post by dalcrazy » Sun Aug 25, 2002 4:05 pm

We have a wonderful success story to tell. Not only is Emma 14 months seizure free ( only 5 in 2 years) but her meds have been reduced by 60% as well all due to a change of diet. In desperation 2 years ago I started all my dals on a raw diet. Emma had seized since she was 15 months old she has inherited epilepsy. She was at that time seizing several times a week al grand mal seizures

Emm is no longer living a drugged life on 200mgs of PB and 2.5 ccs of KBr she is now down to 90mgs of PB bid and 1cc of KBr twice a day. Her liver function tests are those off a normal dog and her blood work is 'spotless"

Two days ago she climbed a 14,000' mountain and arrived at the top first ahead of her younger cousins. Not bad for a 9 year old who was considered to be a hopeless case a few years ago.

We also have quite a few dogs on my Epil-K9 list who have had the same wonderful result. This diet has saved my Emma's life

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