7.5 good weeks

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Re: 7.5 good weeks

Post by SpencerBhumi » Sat Mar 23, 2013 6:18 pm

9 weeks later…

Spencer had a single grand mal fit last Monday morning, just half an hour before his breakfast & morning medications were due. It is the only evident fit in the last 9 weeks since upping the KBrom. When he woke I gave him 20mg oral diazepam, his regular medication & breakfast. All is well since.

And again, no unusual events or suspicious triggers - no beach run and no unusual food, all regular medication & feeding and over two weeks since his heartworm tablet. The only significant change was the break in summer: following a final burst of several days in the high 30’sC, we had a cool night and this night the dogs preferred to be outside than in the oven-like house.

For the weeks leading up to this Spencer had taken delight in soaking his head in the water bucket – barely a single hour of the day was he dry. Since the fit he is back to normal. I don’t know if he was so heat effected to want cooling and now he does not need it with mild daytime temps, or if the fit was neurological switch.

I am so totally confident now that epilepsy is Latin for “this disease just really sucks”.

I am also happy he did not go on to cluster. No waiting for a second or third fit now, I just go in with the 20mg oral diazepam (if he needs it rectally we are off to the vet). Here’s hoping for another 9 good weeks or more.

Wishing everyone else good management with their beloved epi-dogs.

Trevor & Spencer
Grateful for the good days, weeks (months).

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