I hope I do not jinx us?!? ...

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I hope I do not jinx us?!? ...

Post by DaisysDad » Tue Mar 19, 2013 7:10 pm

Daisy is a 4yo female French Bulldog 20lbs who got her first GM seizure May 4, 2012. She started consistent GM clusters every four weeks. My vet gave us rectal Diazepam on the first visit and I am very thankful, they stopped each of her clusters after 2-3 minutes. We started with Zonisamide and she went thru 50, 75, and 100mg dosages over eight months with no obvious impact to dates or severity.

Daisy had a horrible Status cluster on Jan 24, 2013 and needed double Diazepam. Next day we got her to the University of Minnesota, Veterinary Medical Center to see Dr. Alistair McVey, Neurology. We quickly got Daisy on 1/2-grain 32.4mg Pb BID.

So seven weeks now and no GM's or clusters! Pb serum test 32 ug/ml top end of effective range. We believe she had a couple mild focal seizures.

Ice packs did not work for Daisy, we tried it four times and it did not stop or shorten a seizure. We do not know if it helped post ictal because she got Diazepam.

She gets 1.5mg melatonin every night at bed time. I do not think it helps with seizures, but it helps her sleep through Pb side-effects. We added Welactin fish oil and she looks great!

Rescue Remedy had little effect. We prefer and continue to use lavender oil, pre and post ictal. Daisy has no noticeable aura, she always seizes out of sleep. Post ictal she very restless for 1-2 hours, pace around the basement 1,000 times, then crash and recover quickly within 12-hours.

We know Daisy will not be seizure free or side-effect free for the rest of her life, but we are happy we made some progress today.

This site and your contributions helped us navigate our first year with an epi-pup. Thank you!

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Re: I hope I do not jinx us?!? ...

Post by Adamrurkis » Wed Mar 20, 2013 6:54 am

I am so glad that everything is getting better. Good luck

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