Finally, a diagnosis and healing!

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Finally, a diagnosis and healing!

Post by Simey'sMom » Fri Jun 14, 2013 7:22 pm

My cattle dog mix, Simon, age 6, has had partial cluster seizures that we know of since Oct 2009 (We had adopted him at age 2 in July 2009 from a rescue so we don't know his full history) and it had been controlled with Potassium Bromide (KBR) up until about three months ago. We initially had it under control with Phenobarbital (started in 2011) but he experienced a weird and rare side effect where it was affecting his marrow count, so we switched him to KBR.

In March, he started having seizures again and they were getting more frequent and uncontrolled. At one point, the neurologist had him on Potassium Bromide (KBR), Extended release Keppra, regular Keppra, Zonasamide, Chlorazapate, and Felbamate. When he seized, he'd also get rectal valium and a bit of honey (to bring blood sugar up to prevent further clustering). He was also given a B50 per day, and a restricted diet of only Science Diet ZD food.

Our pup was hospitalized and monitored for two days (May 19th/20th) due to going into clusters and not recovering with the Valium. He was diagnosed at the hospital with low blood sugar, which is a result of something else entirely (cancer). Since that diagnosis and his subsequent surgery to remove a large, orange size tumor from his abdomen (attached to the stomach), he has not had any seizures and his blood sugar has returned to normal.

The surgeon sent the tumor off for biopsy. The stain was negative, which means that the type of cancer is a low grade leiomyosarcoma. Because of the very low grade described, the typical behavior, and the location and narrow base attachment to the stomach, our oncologist said that no further treatment recommendations (ie. chemotherapy) are recommended. However, we will do an ultrasound of his belly in about 3 months to evaluate the abdomen to make sure everything looks good.

He's still healing. They split him open all the way up to make sure they didn't see any abnormal growths elsewhere. It was pretty painful for a few days, and he is still on pain meds as he will take time to heal. BUT, we thought for sure we would lose him in May, and there was a good chance we would have had to put him to sleep if the initial needle aspirate biopsy had come back with a different type of tumor, or on the operating table due to complications or if the tumor had been intertwined with other organs or they couldn't put him back together. This is VERY good news and he now has a chance at a good, long life with us.

The neurologist is slowly cutting back his epilepsy drugs. He's off the chlorazapate and regular Keppra, but is still on KBR, Keppra XR and Zonasamide. We are paring back the Zonasamide over a few weeks, and then we'll work on the Keppra XR. He will stay on KBR as the vets believe he still has epilepsy.

I wanted to share this great news, as there just isn't enough of it! Thanks to this forum, the honey during his seizures may have very well saved his life. That is what was bringing him out of them--not necessarily the Valium... So, thank you, to those of you who shared your knowledge :D

I have also just sponsored my friend, Haley, who is walking in the epilepsy walk in the region where I live. I've gained a new respect for this disease and will do what I can to help and support those with epileptic kids and animals. ... nt=1015668

I was hoping to take Simey but he's still healing. Maybe, next year. I love saying that :D
Shelley and Simey the Cattledog mix
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Re: Finally, a diagnosis and healing!

Post by riinfotech » Wed Aug 28, 2013 4:21 am

All the best for the healing your self...
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Chris Douglas
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Re: Finally, a diagnosis and healing!

Post by Chris Douglas » Tue Sep 03, 2013 6:05 pm

hi Shelly and Simey,

how are you doing with the healing ... everything ok now

best wishes and many blessings,
Chris and Molly
Chris & Molly
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