An Introduction and a success story.

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An Introduction and a success story.

Post by CheekyCharlieHill » Thu Oct 24, 2013 3:28 pm

Hey, I'm Amelia, and it's nice that the first time I post here I can post in the 'Success stories' section. See, about 4 years ago, our Border Collie Cross German Shepherd, Charlie, had his first seizure. It was Boxing Day, and I remember it like it was last night, I guess the most horrifying moments stick with you more than the good moments. I remember him being asleep, and then it was like he was rubbing his back against the radiator, at first everyone thought he was being cute, until he crashed into the christmas tree. That was when we started screaming.

We learned from our vet that he had epilepsy, that they thought it may have been a tumour. No such tumour was ever found and we realised it was something we had to live with. Charlie was put on phenobarbitol almost straight away. Over the years, he cobtinued to have seizures, clusters and status seizures, he would have grand mal seizures, and seem okay for a few hours before havig another seizure, in the time inbetween he was never quite himself.

These seizures happened every 21- 28 days, and over the years his dosage of phenobarb went up, the vets added libromide to his pescription. Each time he dossage went up, there would be a period of maybe about 2 months when there would be no seizures, and thwn it was back, and he's slip straight back into seizures happening every 21 - 28 days. The dosage of Phenobarb kept creeping up until the doctor told us it was as high as it could go without causing damage to his kidneys. But he could still increase the dosage of libromide, again it went up and up and Charlie would quickly fall back into having seizures once a month. Sometimes the clusters would last over days. Worst of all, his temperment was starting to go south.

I think the worst part was the 'support' we got from friends and families. When our first dog died at the ripe old age of 14 (She was a Alsation) my Grandma had some advice for my 11 year old self and my 8 year old sister: 'Get over it'. I have never forgiven her for this.
For Charlie, her sound advice was to put him down, every time we mentioned his medication, or even his fits, it was the first thing she said, accompanied with 'I don't know why you spend all that money on him' or 'It's cruel.'
Friends weren't much better wih their advice and it was hurtful to hear them say those kinds of things.

In May of 2013, Charlie had a series of severe seizures over 12 hours. We discovered he had a slight heart murmur and the doctor increased his libromide to be picked up in two weeks

Charlies last seizure was in June. He's been clear of seizures since then and we've noticed that he's like a new dog, he's back to his playful self, he has a lot more energy and he seems generally more settled. (Unless mums home, then he paces and follows her around, but she's frazzled and jittery and often snappy a lot of the time.)

For college, I decided to write a project on living with an epileptic dog, just so I can record my families experiences and come to terms with it all, as I had a real problem dealing with his seizures as it terrified me to see my little man go through that.
Amelia & Charlie

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Re: An Introduction and a success story.

Post by ShilohsMom » Wed Nov 13, 2013 3:29 pm

Oh my gosh, I am SOOOOOO happy for you! That's so wonderful!!!!! I am sorry though that you haven't had the support of family and friends during this time. I feel sorry for people who don't know what it's like to love an animal that much and the unconditional love they give back to us means. How lonely for them. Hope that your baby continues to be seizure free.
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