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Post by Louise » Sat Jan 04, 2003 6:11 pm

Hello everyone just to let you know Dakota has been free of all seizures since September 17th of 2001. I was amazed as soon as I changed his food to the top of the line with the highest Protein in the food his Illness is completely gone. Dakota is of the field and Hunt variety of the Labrador Retreiver very high strung and needs all the protein he can get out of his food. I was ready to send him back to the breeder in British Columbia untill I spoke to her on the phone If I would of know this I would of put him on it right away after his year of puppy food Iams Lamb and rice . The protein in the Lamb and rice from Purina one was not enough. I spent $1300.00 on vet bills before I did the food switch when they could not find any reason for the seizures and I have won my battle .So I guess there is some ethic in the food ,the type you feed your pets and the working dog are different in chemistry they need the extra protein to keep them free of the Illness.

Thank You for all of the help you tried to help me out with,and the one's out there with hunt and field dogs like Labs go to the high protein what do you have to loose just alott of vet bill's as far as I can see and comfort in knowing your pet and friend will be OK and not suffer any more of these painfull attacks and can rest easy, I AM BEST of luck to all of you.

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Post by Mica » Thu Apr 17, 2003 1:51 am

Hi Louise, I have an epileptic labrador , she too is on a high protein diet but it doesn't stop her seizures although I have found that if I don't feed her a regular amount at the same time each day, she does have a seizure! I have tried explaining to my vet why Minstrel is overweight but he thinks that I am making excuses for her. I have other Labs that are the right size ie. not overweight. Glad to hear that your lab is under control. God bless

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