Determined to be that success story!

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Determined to be that success story!

Post by HugosMom » Thu Feb 20, 2014 3:01 pm

I joined this forum over a month ago with a very anxious outlook on my puppies condition. I read through this forum only to find a great deal more sad stories than successful stories, so I was determine to be that success story for everyone.

My almost 2yr old Malamute had epilepsy creep up quickly on us and with a force. He started with one seizure, than another 2 weeks later and then 3 in one day, 1 week after that. We started him on a low dose (60mg 2x a day for a 100lb dog) of Phenobarb that night and we are almost at week 5 seizure free!

There were some stressful nights in there with pacing, as the Phenobarb initially made him restless rather than lethargic, and some ataxia when he first stood up after laying down. After about 3 weeks all of the side effects have diminished except for the fact that he does seem to tire a little quicker than previously. He is the same goofy husky that he was a few months ago.

For whatever reason he is seeming to struggle with not pooping in the house while we're gone to work. He does not poop or pee during seizures so I know it has nothing to with the fact that he might be seizing (and he does not poop in the house when we're home). I do recall that when we tore up our backyard in the summer there were a few weeks where he would poop in the house and I'm thinking it's just due to the fact that he's "out-of-sorts", and that with some extra training, be it crating for a week or two or altering his feeding schedule, we can get him back on track.

I do realize that he is still a puppy and there is still a long road ahead of us, but I am now an optimist when it comes to my puppy's condition rather than viewing it as a death sentence.

Hugos Mom

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Re: Determined to be that success story!

Post by cforecatsmeow » Thu Feb 20, 2014 6:37 pm

Good evening Hugo's Mom! You should be an optimist, pessimism really does not help anyone and I congratulate you on your five weeks of success. I have struggled with that since this started so keep your good frame of mind.

As for the poo issue, I know when Winston has had a seizure if it is one little poo. He will "spit one out" so to speak. He also has always been really good about not using the bathroom in the house, but since the addition of medications, he occasionally has an accident that is not seizure related. I know this because of his emotional state when I come home as well. He gets very excited after seizures and is not himself. Winston is a big boy and his poos are big so the little singular poo is always an indication of a seizure to me, along with his excited state. He always urinates during a seizure and it's usually on the bed or the couch (lucky me, everything is now covered in waterproof mattress pads) so I know the difference between an accident and when it is a seizure.

They adjust well to the medication after awhile. Sedation is the No. 1 side effect of these drugs and Winston, like your babe, tires easier on walks, after playing with his sister, etc., but even after quite a few seizures since last June and adjusting medications due to difficulty in controlling same, he is still the same goofball he was before so I'll take it.

Here is to continued good success for you and Hugo and keep your good frame of mind for you and for him.
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Re: Determined to be that success story!

Post by ShilohsMom » Fri Feb 21, 2014 10:19 am

Congrats on the five weeks!!!! I really believe that one of the things this disease does is makes us rethink what's considered success. For some of us, it may be a week, others a month, whatever it is we find the gratefulness in it.

Shiloh has had a few issues with going to the bathroom in the house. I think sometimes he just gets confused over where he is or what he's supposed to do. I about had a heart attack not too long ago when he came in from laying down in the hallway and stood right in front of me and "assumed the position". Couldn't believe he was going to poop right in front of me.

Hoping for many more weeks that Hugo continues to be seizure free.
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