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Absent Seizures?

Posted: Fri Feb 20, 2015 4:48 pm
by beaglemum
Since going on Zonisamide a couple of years ago, Saxon's clusters have reduced to single episodes and the post-ictal has been much improved. Which has been great for all us.

Last night he had a barely there seizure, quick post-ictal, (gave cluster preventing meds) and he was resting in bed within 10 minutes. But 5-10 minutes later, he suddenly became very alert and got up and started serious post-ictal pacing. I had my eye on him the whole time he was resting, so I know he didn't have a visible seizure, not even a discernable twitch. It was as if he had an invisible seizure. The post-ictal, while minor compared to past events, was still worse than we have dealt with for quite a period of time. He wasn't running into things, but definitely pacing.

After 1/2 an hour, my husband took him for a little walk down the street, about 4 houses and then brought him home. I did a few minutes of obedience training (working on the theroy of using familiar activities to get his brain back on track) - he is very food focused and he was responsive to the commands - which surprised me given the circumstances and then he rested and was fine.

I was wondering if anyone has an experience or knowledge of absent seizures?



Re: Absent Seizures?

Posted: Sat Feb 21, 2015 6:53 am
by Gentle Jacob's mom
Hi Roxanne,
Yes we've had that happen with Jake over the years. He'll act like he's about to have a seizure, sometimes even sliding down to the floor, and nothing happens. Then he goes into his post ictal which can also include him going to sleep for awhile. We treat it as though he had a seizure. There have been times when we've stopped a seizure with ocular compression and acupressure and the same thing happens. We've been told that they are seizures trying come on and if it happens after Jake has already had a seizure (usually around 30-60 minutes later) it was a cluster trying to happen. It sounds like the meds worked and kept Saxon from having another cluster. You may have to adjust his meds a little if it happens again, because it does sound like another seizure was trying to come through. I don't have to tell you to keep a close eye on him because that's something we all do isn't it?

Take Care,

Re: Absent Seizures?

Posted: Sun Feb 22, 2015 1:14 am
by beaglemum
Hi Lynne, Thanks for your response. You are right, we keep a very close eye on our pups and then when things are suspect, an even closer eye! Not paranoid much. :D I am thinking I need to get his meds reviewed as well, as these episodes are slowly becoming more pronounced/extended and I prefer to try and be proactive with this disease.