Beau's story

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Beau's story

Post by Beausdaddy » Tue Feb 13, 2018 10:13 am

Hello everyone,

I am new to the forum, but not to the life of a parent of an epileptic dog. Our story starts five years ago when I decided that my girl Bella needed a friend. So we searched and found Beau. He was a rescue, a dachshund (or so I thought) and just a bundle of pure love. At about the three month mark we had our first seizure. It was three am in the morning and I was woken up by a loud thumping under my bed. The poor pup was having a seizure under my bed. Thus began our journey. I began to research what was going on, went to my vet and we put a plan together. The seizures continued to happen, increasing in length and severity, as well as the number he would have. At our worst point we had 15 seizures in one day.

We are now on three medicines.( Keppra, Pheno, and Zoainasmide)and we seem to have the clusters under control. We tend to have one to two seizures every six weeks. Recovery is fast, if i am home, as we have found that eating directly after the seizure helps us to come back around. We have worked out a lot of the kinks that his anxiety caused, and seem to be getting to a better quality of life. So here is where I need some help.

Since we have only just gotten things to a stable point, we have never become house trained. I removed all the carpet from my house ( Beau likes to lick fabric, and I was wondering if chemicals in the carpet may be causing the seizures) because Beau pees after or during his seizure. I work two jobs, (medicine is expensive) but I make a point of being home between jobs and am trying to get on a walking schedule. I now get up at 330 am every morning to give him his meds so that he is on a 12 hour cycle. I need help in potty training. We were doing well until the clusters started. Also advice on crating. I feel like a crate would help with his anxiety. I believe that he had a series of seizures in his crate and now is afraid of it. Any tips on how to handle the seizure while you are away from the house would be helpful too.

Thank you so much,

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Re: Beau's story

Post by Box40Rin » Fri Feb 16, 2018 4:31 am

Good morning,
I'm one of the moderators of this forum and a retired veterinarian.
One of the posters to this blog uses a web cam to watch his dog while he is at work. He is away from home for ten to twelve hours.
As to crating, I have always crated my dogs. It is their house and they will go there on their own . You seem to have a different problem in that Beau seems to be afraid of his crate. Maybe putting a treat inside would entice him to enter, he could come out again and maybe gradually he could overcome his fear. I just don't know. It's difficult when you don't ive with the dog. Also, maybe just confining him and his buddy to one room might work. You probably really need a canine psychologist of dog whisperer to find out what Beau is thinking or what he fears. This hasn't been much help at all, just my first thoughts on this subject.

Let me or us as others are reding this, how this goes. we're interested. box40rin

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