New to seizures w/ 7 year old labradoodle

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New to seizures w/ 7 year old labradoodle

Post by Doodlemom » Tue Dec 04, 2018 11:09 am

Let me start by saying Sadie is a 7ish year old labradoodle 70 lbs that we took in from a breeder on 10/6/18, we also happen to have 2 of her offspring 4 and 3 yearsold. Last week 11/26 during the middle of the night sadie had what my husband described, since I wasn’t home w as 2 grand mal seizures. The next night while we were sleeping she had 3 more. So on 11/27 We went to the vet in the morning. At this point Sadie was like a zombie robot dog. She was stumbling all over, Knocking into water bowls, she was climbing all over the car on the drive. The vet did a blood panel and everything looked good. Based on how she was acting the vet said my guess is she is going to have another seizure today and that’s why she’s acting the way she is. He gave her Valium in the office and a prescription to fill of Phenobarbital. I went and filled the script and started her on the medication. The rest of 11/27 she had 4 more grand mal seizures during the day and 2 more that evening while sleeping. The following days we continued the phenobarbital 2x a day. 11/28-11/29 she pretty much slept all day but if she did stand up she was very unsteady and confused. By 11/30 she was doing much better walking around on her own going outside for longer periods of time.
Over the next several days now 12/4. She is doing good. Playing with my other 2 doodles, running, exploring the yard. We haven’t had any grand mal seizures but sometimes I notice twitches in her face. And sometimes she stumbles while walking.
However, since the seizures have started she whines ALOT! She walkes around the house and whines, she stands next to me and whines, we’ll be outside and she whines, she sleeps in our bedroom and just whines and whines. I’m not sure if it’s an anxiety thing or what. She never did this before. Is this normal? Is her body still adjusting to the phenobarbital?

I’m very unfamiliar with seizures in dogs. Am I naive to think that we’ve solved the problem with only phenobarbital 2x a day or is this just the beginning. Will her body adjust to these meds and we’ll continue to have to evaluate the dosage?

Should I be asking the vet more questions? I’m at a loss as to what to do.
I will add, I was suspicious that the breeder had rehomed Sadie after claiming for years that she was a family pet and a part of their family. I thought maybe she had done so because she noticed her starting to have seizures. I did reach out to the previous vets office and there was nothing in her records of a seizure problem.

Thanks for your time!

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Re: New to seizures w/ 7 year old labradoodle

Post by GentleJacob's Mom » Wed Dec 05, 2018 7:58 am

I'm sorry you and Sadie are going through all of this. Don't get me started on how low some breeders will go when it comes to canine epilepsy, but I'm glad she found you. Jake's breeder denied seizure issues for years and we later found out there were several other Aussie's from them that had it. So they will stoop to anything.
It sounds like Sadie is still adjusting to Pb, but I would talk to your vet about the facial twitches and how she is whining. You could try a few drops of Bach Flower Rescue Remedy to see if it helps with her whining if it is anxiety. Has your vet mentioned using Valium after a seizure to help prevent clusters? If not you may want to talk about that and have it on hand. You don't want a pattern to start because it can be very difficult to control that. The twitches could be partial or focal seizures which can be precursors to grand mals. You may have to adjust your Pb doses. You may also want to consider talking to a neurologist because they have daily experience with seizures and can pin point things that our vets sometimes miss. It is very possible to control seizures with just Pb. I know dogs that have responded very well to it. Unfortunately this disease is a guessing game and you have to find what will work. I would also talk to your vet about CBD oil.
In the meantime you should start a journal and write down dates, times, and anything that may have happened before she seized.
I know this is very overwhelming. The beginning is scary, but your vet should be able to help walk you through what you need to do. Having a good and supportive vet is very important. And come here anytime.
Let us know how you're doing,

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Re: New to seizures w/ 7 year old labradoodle

Post by jaragr » Wed Dec 05, 2018 8:33 am

My dog whines too! He drives us nuts sometimes! He will not let us out of his sight, just stares and whines. We do not have him on meds, just CBD capsules for the last 5 months. His seizures comes around every 10-13 weeks, sometimes 2 in one day. I pray that these meds your dog is on is just right for him and that you don't have to keep experiencing the clusters. I hate these things so bad.

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