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Melissa and Raven
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Another newbie!

Post by Melissa and Raven » Tue Oct 23, 2007 8:03 pm

Hello everyone
On June 22 I brought home a female black Standard Poodle from a rescue group that had a reputable reputation...which I would never recommend. I was told she was healthy and happy. When we drove the 2 hrs to meet her, she was out of sorts, depressed, obviously in need of some medical attention. Not to mention, they had "accidently" cut of a wart while grooming her. She walked funny, had dandruf and I was suspicious of her immediate grooming when we came to meet her. She was still damp.
To get to the first we thought it was orthepedic, later that week after several vet visits to clear up her conjuntivitis, ear infection and tend to her bloody wound from her "wart" mishap...the vet did some other tests and decided her front leg tremmors and back end deformation and weakness was neurological. Off to Guelph Univeristy we went. Basically after getting some tests there, we were told that all of her conditions were not from one central nervous system and unless we all wanted to put her through a spinal tap, brain fluid biopsy, xrays, MRI, Cat just take her home and love her and treat each symptom as is comes up. Her condition is a needle in a haystack.
I did reseach, spoke with the breeder and the old family. The breeder said she wasn't like that when she left the kennel at 8 weeks old, the family said she's been like that for as long as they can remember. I received all past medical files. There was a seizure recorded in Nov 2005. 2 in one day. Once at home, once at the afterhours clinic. All her life the groomers (she got groomed at the vet) said that they had to coax her up the 1 stair into the grooming area, yet the first they mentioned her klutziness was in Feb 2006. Just 4 months after her first recorded seizures. There are plenty of complaints in the file about Raven going to the bathroom in the house, and they treated her for a bladder infection. She's never gone in my house.
Her motion actually reminds me of the Old English (?) goose-steps under "Ataxia" on this site and her back legs a softer version of the Staffy. 10 weeks after we brought her home she seizured. I knew what it was and didnt panic. But it was horrific. Mostly because as I watched her body bounce and release every fluid in her and hear her breathless gag gasping for air all I could think about was if this is epilepsy, she's been untreated for 6 years. And probably had them on her own, in the damp, dark unfinished walk out basement where she was kept so they could just come down and let her out to pee because she couldn't do stairs.
Needless to say, my heart knew when I met her at the rescue that she was handful, and I knew it's not what I wanted...but it was my chance to make a difference, so I am. We love her, she's our "sweet pea" and we wouldn't change it for the world. But we spent the first 2 months crying together and hoping only the best for Raven.
She lives a normal happy life. Walks a minimum of an hour a day through bush and on beaches and around lakes with George, our other SP who's healthy as a horse...(knock on wood) She's growing on him.

Now we just take it day by day. She's on 2.8 mls of Potassium Bromide liquid for now until we regulate her dose. I noticed some of your dogs are on quite a dossage and have quite a lot of seizures...I'm not sure of Raven's place here, as we are not conclusive that it's epilepsy. It could be spinal disc disease or a million other things...but we'll keep testing and for right now we just pray that we have found the cause of her physical challenges and are on the road to controlling it.

Thanks for listening. Sorry about the spelling...

MK's mom
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Post by MK's mom » Wed Oct 24, 2007 7:31 am


You sound like a one in a million person!!! I wanted to cry reading about Raven's life before she came to you. How people can turn their heads and not try to help an innocent creature is beyond my comprehension. It's tough dealing with an animal with health issues and Raven is sooooooo lucky you found her!!!! You'll just have to wait and watch what happens with her seizure activity. Maybe the low dose of KBr will be all she needs to keep her under control.

Glad you could join us and I HOPE Raven doesn't have hard to control seizures like our dogs do. It sounds like she has enough to contend with.

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Post by High_Voltage_Head » Wed Oct 24, 2007 12:25 pm

What gives? This place is getting overrun with poodles lately. Oodles of poodles !!

I'm glad your girl has found a good home now. My 13 year old black standard (non-epi) male, Felix, has just been diagnosed with kidney failure and i'm trying to come to grips with that, so it's nice to hear a happy (sort of) story about another one.

I had a black std epi girl once...she was the sweetest dog ever! I'm trying to console myself by telling Felix that he'll be seeing his big sister again soon, after so many years. He always worshiped her and was heartbroken when she died.
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Post by skrpio » Wed Oct 24, 2007 2:12 pm

Hi Melissa,
Welcome to this site and no matter what the cause a seizure is a seizure.
We do not know why these dogs come into our lives but they are there for a reason. One day we will find out. Raven is lucky you found her.
You may find that with a lot of love and understanding (which she obviously did not get before) she may come right.
So many of the dogs on this sit are rescued.
If the previous owners treated her like this , then she probably didn't have good food either. Get her onto some top quality food and see if this helps. Check out Diet & Metabolism - Rate your dog food.
I too cannot comprehend why people do this sort of thing to innocent animals. If they didn't want her why not give her up instead of letting her lead this horrible life for so long. And as for the "breeder" and I use that term lightly - they will not admit to anything being wrong with their precious line. Palm the "faulty' ones off to some unsuspecting pet home and let them deal with the heartbreaking consiquences.
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Melissa and Raven
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Post by Melissa and Raven » Wed Oct 24, 2007 5:11 pm

Thanks for the warm welcome.
I know what you mean, I've been torn between the two stories. The breeders and the families. Somewhere in the middle lies the truth I'm sure. The breeder didn't know her dog went into rescue and 2 min after I pressed send on my email my phone rang. She was devistated. Tracked down the family for me as the rescue wouldn't give me that info. Seems Raven was purchased by a family she has been selling her puppies too for years. The old lady had passed away from Altzheimers (sp?) and the old man now alone wanted a dog. His sons and his daughter told him it was a bad idea. Mom had always taken care of the dogs, he wouldn't have the patience for a puppy and couldn't provide the dog what it needed. He's the type of old guy that wanted to prove his family wrong and got the puppy anyway. The breeder didn't have any problems sending him a puppy as her dogs had always lived long happy fulfilling lives with them before. But she didn't know it was the woman.
Time went on, Raven attacks cars on walks, when you try to correct that behaviour she bites at your arm, the old guy hated mess and toys bothered him so he always put her toys away. When she got too much for him, she went into the basement. He is only close to one son who is not a dog lover...the rest of the family kind of drifted from him. He wasn't a warm man nor did they approve of the way he treated his dogs. He finally decided it was time he didn't want her anymore and put an ad in the local paper. A family came and got her and took her to their beautiful cottage in Muskoka. But Raven can't do stairs and those cottage are built on Canadian Sheild...lots of sharp stairs. She almost killed herself twice in two days so they brought her back. He then packed her up and dropped her off at the Rescue. Said he was signing himself into a retirement home.
Now she's mine. The nice part is, after I hysterically was speaking to the family about her condition, his other son from accross the country got on a plane, drove from Toronto to our house to see Raven. He confirmed that that is how she's always been and when her tail wagged for the first time when he came through the door I just knew in my heart that he loved her and he was a good person in her life. The son is pretty well off but they too have a huge house with lots of stairs, and a Standard Poodle with Addisons disease. Raven being alpha female was not good for their dog or they would have taken her. I didn't want to put Raven on a plane anyhow so that was out. He gave us quite a bit of money to help pay bills and put an addition on our deck to accomidate Raven's needs and we hear from them often.
The breeder is releived and also drops us a note from time to time. I send all of them update pictures.
We are kind of like a big family now. I know I got the "short end of the stick" as my parents call matter what, no one could pry Raven from my cold dead hands now anyway...I'm just letting sleeping dogs lie. Why bother trying to find out the truth anymore?
Just concentrating on Raven.

If you'd like to see pictures of Raven...if you click on my profile I have her webpage link there and you can see her pictures on Dogster. My George and Jack are there too.

Thanks again everyone. I'll keep you all updated on her progress or...

Right now she has a bit of diarrhea and she's on watch. George is trying to eat her oatmeal and the cat is howling up a storm.

Oh...Raven and George are both on Go Natural (Petcurean) food. Salmon and oatmeal. Raven also has allergies. Chicken, Beef and wheat that we can tell so far. Just easier to have them both on the same food. I tried to go potato and duck...but the gas was too much to take.

Dylans Dad
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Post by Dylans Dad » Wed Oct 24, 2007 5:53 pm

poor raven. she is lucky you found her.
give her and you a hug from us
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