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My two dogs with seizures...Long Intro

Posted: Mon Feb 25, 2008 11:55 am
by Merlinsmom
December 2006, Jack, who is a rescue and was just about two years old, had his first seizure. (Christmas Eve morning, from a deep sleep.) Bloodwork was all normal. He had another one in May 2007.

Then in September 2007, Merlin, who was 10 in October 2007, started having seizures. Merlin and Jack are both Pembroke Welsh corgis, neutered, unrelated to the best of my knowledge. Merlin had two the first day (one in the car, one in the middle of the night.) Bloodwork showed a possible infection so he was put on antibiotics for two weeks, during which he had no more seizures. Five days after they stopped he seized again, so we tried another antibiotic, but he had a seizure again a few days later so we quit the antibiotics and put him on phenobarbital.

But when that second seizure period occurred (early October) Jack also had a seizure, about 20 hrs after Merlin's.

We are still working to get the right PB level for Merlin, and he had several more seizures in the fall. Then Feb 1 he had a seizure and a few hours later Jack had one. Feb 22, same thing happened: Merlin, then Jack. Merlin's are usually after he wakes in the morning, Jack's are then the middle of the next night, early morning.

I understand that Merlin probably has some primary disease causing the seizure, most likely a brain tumor, but at his age I am not willing to pursue diagnostics as I would not have surgery or chemo or radiation done. We are three hours from anywhere where we could get a CT or MRI so it isn't practical in my opinion. He's attached to me at the hip so leaving him at the vet hospital for treatment would be cruel, especially for something that would be palliative only.

But my concern is why Jack has a seizure so soon after Merlin does. I've ruled out any commonality as far as new chemicals in the house, weather, etc.

The plan now is to try to give Jack a dose of Valium before bed on the day Merlin has the seizure. I really do not want to have to put Jack on phenobarbital at this time but the three weeks between the last two seizures are a concern.


Posted: Mon Feb 25, 2008 2:19 pm
by skrpio
Hi Bobbie - seeing that you have two dogs, unrelated and different ages begin to have seizures in a reasonably close time and then to continue having them close together I would suspect that it is something external. You say that you live way from anywhere so I assume you live out in the country. Is there any crop or weed spraying or suchlike going on in the area around the times when they seize ?
The only other thing I can think of is that Jack is getting stressed from Merlins seizures. I have just told another member of an anti-stress product called DAP which is totally natural (made from pheramones). I use this product sprayed onto a bandana for my hyper pup to calm him down in the car and at shows.
It can also be bought in a diffuser so you can turn it on when you need it and leave it on overnight.

There are so many rescue dogs on this site I wonder what they get at the shelters. Vaccinations, flea and tick treatments or just plain stress.

Posted: Mon Feb 25, 2008 5:36 pm
by Merlinsmom
I'm actually in the city, and don't use sprays and none are used near us. Neither of the dogs has had vaccinations recently and we don't use flea or tick products. Nor do I use cleaning products. I may get the water tested for lead, though.

Plus, the seizures have not all been at home; Jack had his first while we were in Washington State; Merlin had his first on a camping trip. Also, Jack doesn't have one every time Merlin does; its just that since Merlin started, every seizure of Jack's has followed one of Merlin's.

We do think maybe Jack is stressed, probably not from Merlin's seizure as much as from my reaction to it, so the new thing is going to be to give Jack a Valium the night after Merlin has a seizure to try to head off Jack having one. And hopefully if Merlin's get under more control Jack will go back to his infrequent schedule.


Posted: Tue Feb 26, 2008 8:11 am
by adajadesmom
My first thought was that Jack is probably stressed from Merlin's seizures. My rottie boy stresses when Ada has a seizure, but he licks when he stresses. He actually gave himself a lick granuloma a month or so after we got Ada.

Another thing I thought I'd mention is, recently our power company sent notices that they are going to spray because of quick growing trees where the power lines are in some areas. Made me wonder how many people don't know about sprays being used in their areas. (People are fighting this, by the way)

Posted: Wed Mar 05, 2008 12:14 am
by Merlinsmom
Well, tonight is the trial; Merlin had a seizure about 9:45 PM so I gave Jack a Valium. Jack did seem somewhat stressed by Merlin's seizure, so maybe this will help ward off Jack's seizure.

I'm not happy because Merlin tested Saturday at a therapeutic level of Pb, and yet had a seizure just two weeks after the last one. So the phenobarbital isn't controlling them very well.

Posted: Wed Mar 05, 2008 4:00 am
by skrpio
If merlins seizures are being caused by a secondary problem then maybe that is why the Pb is not contolling them. Even on PB and KBr the seizures will not normally stop but you need to wait and see if they eventually increase time time in between. If not he may have to use a combination. best of luck with Jack tonight.

Posted: Wed Mar 05, 2008 7:14 am
by MTM
Good luck with Jack- please keep us posted.

Posted: Wed Mar 05, 2008 8:49 am
by Merlinsmom
Well, Jack made it through the night without a seizure. That's a good sign, but he doesn't always have one after Merlin so it may take a couple before I know if it is working to give him the Valium.

Merlin's seizures are likely to be getting progressively worse so if the Pb keeps them at the same two week interval its actually helping. I think I'll hold off trying to add KBr or change medications for a little and see how he does.


Posted: Mon Mar 10, 2008 8:35 pm
by Melissa and Raven
I have to ask...what food are they on?

Posted: Tue Mar 11, 2008 10:44 am
by Merlinsmom
Canidae all ages. They were on the food long before the seizures.