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Just some thoughts and decisions

Post by kbugs » Mon Jul 13, 2009 6:35 pm

Been a trying time over the past twenty-four hours. I posted to a different thread (under Rocky's thyroid regarding our seizures yesterday), our hopes that our thyroid was low as well, which it was and yup we added thyroid meds, and were (I stress the were part) seizure-free for fourteen days, then whammo, it hit yesterday morning and wasn't pretty. We came within inches of status seizuring, the dreaded word in our house.

I have racked my brain and tried to think if I did something different or wrong. And I did do something different.....I used Hartz Ultra flea on all the dogs on Saturday afternoon (due to cost reasons). Now in my mind, I caused the seizures yesterday morning. So last night Jezzy got the bath of her life, I scrubbed her til I thought she would be bald (major guilt here), especially after reading the warnings about Hartz on the internet. ..... This morning, I spent an hour with my trusted vet discussing it. Her take on the Hartz maybe yes, maybe no. There is really no way to tell.

Okay, maybe it did maybe it didn't, but it was the only thing different. I have used it before in a pinch and never had any problems with any of the dogs, but that was last summer pre-seizures for Jezz.

We have done a lot of soul searching here and yes we have room on meds (Gabapentin). The vet is not convinced she is hypothyroid, not all of her panels are low and the PB can give a false reading on the panel. We will redo the blood tests (panel) in about 3 weeks, but stay on the thyroid meds in the mean time, she is on the low side and it could be upped if needed.

I had to laugh, when I left the vet this morning, she said "Oh by the way, the office party is tomorrow and we will all be gone, Now Dr. ... is on call and she knows what to do for Jezzy." I told her not to worry, it wasn't a weekend......lol

I have changed all the dogs to Wellness, its expensive, but that seems to be working well.

Me and Jezzy talked.........no more tests other than blood work, no spinal taps, no MRI, no neurologist. 1) If we find something (which is really doubtful at this point), would it change our care and treatment? No. Say there was a brain tumor, we couldn't afford to operate, assuming it was operable. 2) neurologist??? I have not read too many good things about neurologists on this site or others, and generally they agree with the treatment at hand, maybe changing meds here and there.

Am I giving up, HELL NO, the goal now is to give Jezzy a quality of life that is acceptable to her. The main thing, is my hope that the angels are watching and keeping her from statusing, which is my biggest fear. We had one, and we got her to the vet in time, but it wasn't at 3 am and we were lucky it was on a weekday morning. I don't want to go through that again and I don't know if Jezzy will come out of it a second time.

When me and Jezzy got up this morning, it was like nothing ever happened yesterday. She was bright, happy, and best of all Jezzy. We have faced the fact that we are refractory, now can we control at least a little bit of the seizures, we don't know. One day at a time here. I cry every time I look into those big brown eyes. She doesn't know what's going on. I wish she could talk, maybe I would feel better. Jezzy has a diary and I couldn't even write in it yesterday due to the tears.

Sorry, I needed to put this down where people understand what we are going through, I didn't mean to rattle on.
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Post by MK's mom » Tue Jul 14, 2009 6:55 am

YOur'e not rattling on at all, we are here to listen to each other and help one another when we can.

Now, do you have valium or clorazapate on hand when Jezzie starts to cluster? If not, get some. If her seizures are within an hour apart, then you can use valium to try and bust the cluster or if they're hours apart, then try some clorazapate. You can also give her an extra dose of Pb, that works as well at times. I have all 3 medications and there have been a couple of times that my boy didn't respond to any of them and he needed the emergency room, but most of the time I can stop the seizures with one of those medications.

Hartz mountain is crap, as you know. It MAY have triggered a seizure or it may not have. This seizure business is hard to figure out, most of us don't know what triggers our babes' seizures, some are lucky enough to find the magic bullet. You're doing the best you can with what you know and have available to you, that is all anyone can do. Stick around, we like to help each other on this list although none of us are veterinarians.

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Post by Carolyn » Tue Jul 14, 2009 7:26 am

Don't beat yourself up. I gave my dogs a bath this weekend with the same garbage, Hartz rid flea. I have been having financial issues as well and will be applying bio-spot soon instead of advantage or the other expensive stuff. Like Vivian said it might have been a trigger or not. I used to rack my brains trying to figure out her triggers. For all you know this could be the pattern for right now. Once you think you have a pattern, it can change. Originally my vet had me give Kiya an extra 150mg of pb if she had a siezure since she is prone to cluster. Your doing the right thing, learning all you can and making the best choice for you and Rocky.
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Post by kbugs » Tue Jul 14, 2009 8:41 am

I have valium in the frig at all times and unwrapped out of the stupid foil packaging......picked up a stronger dose yesterday, we're up to 32 mg. rectal suppository. I have had good luck with loading her with PB when she gets over the initial gm and before the next focal hits.

Thanks for listening, it really does mean alot.

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Post by skrpio » Thu Jul 16, 2009 2:20 pm

Please dump all the Hartz products. There is a website dedicated to all of those animals that have been killed by Hartz products but please don't look at it if you cannot stand to bawl your eyes out.

If you are having finanical problems put a 1/4 tsp of minced garlic into the food. This keeps away fleas, ticks and mozzies and it is much better for them than chemicals.

In regard to the thyroid meds. Have you upped the anti-seizure meds? This may have to be adjusted as the thyroid meds increase metabolism and the seizure meds dose is based on metabolism. Once the thyroid problem is under control then you can think about lowering the seizure meds again.
This was our problem. The vet LOWERED the seizure meds instead of upping them and status occurred.
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