new to epilepsy and prescribed Pexion

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new to epilepsy and prescribed Pexion

Post by Vodous_Mum » Wed Oct 02, 2013 10:28 am

Hello everyone,I thought I'd introduce us all with a post summarising everything.

Our dog (a standard mexican hairless dog) was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy a few months ago after having a nasty fit, and it turns out that he'd been showing symptoms for some time without us connecting the dots. He had for about a year before his first grand mal been having petit mals which consisted of lip curling and pacing... We always thought this was down to him having belly ache (it sound ridiculous now but he has a sensitive system and at the time it seemed totally logical.)

His fits consist of him arching his head up and staring upwards with thousand yard eyes and rocking backwards on his legs. Then he will run backward with facial twitches and go stiff on his toe tips with his body bunched up. He will then fall sideways and have nasty thrashing seizures which generally last for about a minute. These are usually accompanied by him emptying his bladder (and sometimes his bowels) and his mouth being stuck wide open with a horrible choking noise, he drools a lot as well.

He used to take a long time to come back round and would pace and howl for about 15-30 mins post seizure before having a big drink.

We took him to the vets after his first seizure and were advised to wait to see if he had another before starting treatment. After his second fit they started him on Pexion.

At first he was on one tablet twice a day but there was no change to his fits and so the dose was upped to 1 and 1/2 tans twice a day. This seems to be making a difference as his seizures are now occurring less frequently. On average he is having one grand mal every 12 -14 days, the fits are over quicker than they were and he recovers much more quickly. There is less pacing now and he snaps out of the worst of it and becomes 'with it' again very quickly.

I would love to talk to other people who's dogs are on pexion to find out their experiences with the drug. Does your dog still fit? Is it less often? Less severe?

As a side note, he is a very sensitive dog (he is timid and easily worried, but never aggressive, just a big old wimp!) and after his first blood test he had a cluster of 8 seizures in 24 hours... so we have not had his brain scan done yet as we are terrified it will bring on another cluster and have herd horror stories about continual fitting that can't be stopped.

We need to nip this in the bud (if we can) as soon a we can, he injures himself really easily when he fits thanks to having no hair and its so upsetting I wish I could do more to help him.

The main thing I've noticed since the pexion is that he is having petit mals less and less, and now tends to just launch into full grand mal without the preceding petit, so the drugs must be working on some level to be stopping the petits, but now we have no warning before he fits which is a constant worry as at least before we had signs and could prepare.

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Re: new to epilepsy and prescribed Pexion

Post by cesullivan » Fri Oct 04, 2013 1:53 pm

Interesting a new med, I don't think it is available in the US but what I read sounds good.

I too have a cluster pup so I know your pain all to well.
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