Seizures almost everyday

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Seizures almost everyday

Post by xkaelie » Sun Dec 01, 2013 10:07 am

I have a 34lb sheltie, lab, Pomeranian, and beagle mix. He had his first seizure at 6 months old. He was put on potassium bromide, eventually got up to 750mg a day, 250 in morning and 500 at night. In may 2013 he started to get worse going from one seizure a month to once twice a week.

We then added pheno, the lowest dose possible which helped a little but I did not like side effects. Took him off of that. Then he started having different types of seizures. He would head press. Or have little seizures I think called petite mall. Or just paddle his legs and pant but no teeth showing grand mal.

Then started keppra with antibiotics due to uti, went a week with no seizure and his personality was back. He wasn't bumping into things or walking around drunk like he use to always. He stopped going to the bathroom in the house. Well that only lasted a week and here come more seizures. They were just getting worse and lasting longer. So I finally got fed up and got a spinal tap which came back normal. Then got a MRI. The MRI showed menegitus around the brain and a black spot like a stroke they said from head trauma when he was younger. They kept him for 2 nights due to seizures put him on steroids and keppra again but a higher dose of 3/4 of 500 mg pill every 8 hours.

It seemed to work for a week and a half. Then I started a big move to a different state and he began again.. Now we are finally moved in, went to a vet here and we add zonisamide. Thought it was working but he just had a seizure the other day and this morning an his seizures last 45 min and he goes into a state where he cries and bites his feet which I've never seen before and this started before the new medicine. He takes 150mg twice a day with the keppra.

Does anyone have any experience like this? Any suggestions? I've switched his food to blu salmon but he doesn't like it too much but it's hard finding a no preservative dog food with no poultry.

I've been told there is nothing I can do about his trauma but contain the seizures. Are there any medicines out there? Or increase the dose? By the way Valium only works right before a seizure. If I give it to him during it doesn't work :(

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Re: Seizures almost everyday

Post by MK's mom » Sun Dec 01, 2013 10:20 am

That poor pup has a lot going on... Can they clear up the meningitis? You've tried so many meds long is he on one before you take him off? Sometimes it takes a few weeks to reach therapeutic levels before you'll see what the med can do and sometimes a dog is just refractory to meds and the seizures break thru. Forty five minutes for a seizure is way too long, it's a wonder it didn't kill the poor pup. Has his thyroid been checked?
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Re: Seizures almost everyday

Post by xkaelie » Tue Dec 03, 2013 3:38 am

That's what the steroids were for. It's like the meds work but only for a week then they are back. The past few days its been contrast he gets those dilated pupils, but ill hold him tight and he won't have one. But then one breaks through. He's had constant blood work and its always normal. I don't know what to do anymore.

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