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Post by moudies » Tue Oct 14, 2014 11:18 am

Hi pickles has been put on pexion due to the pheno affecting her liver ( she is about 10 years old, a rescue mini schnauzer) been on the pheno since we had her about 18 months old.
As most info online is from the U.S. and pexion is not prescribed there I can't find a lot about it. Pickles seems to be taking a long time to settle on it. Very restless and whiny especially at night. Her appetite is fine. She had never been what you would term a "normal" dog between fits from day one. She is very agrophobic, very unsettled always, never has wagged her tail ( she came from a puppy farm whose owner wanted to use her for breeding, then threw her out when I guess he discovered the seizures) who knows what he did to her. She has never behaved in normal doggy ways but since she has changed mess she is even worse, the vet is not that helpful. Her seizures are a little increased one a week rather than one to two a fortnight ( we do get clusters a few times a year). But she is getting over them better with less head pressing, falling over etc.
is there a withdrawal period coming off pheno? Is this what we are seeing? Or is it just her getting older? Any ideas I would be grateful. She is due for a check up week after next.
Many thanks
Jan and pickles x

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Re: Pexion

Post by cesullivan » Tue Oct 14, 2014 10:58 pm

There can be seizures from phenobarbital withdrawal. Cali's neurologist had her taper off 25% per week. So it took 4 weeks to get her off when we put her on Potassium Bromide.
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