7 yr old Bearded Collie Mix. monthly seizures

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7 yr old Bearded Collie Mix. monthly seizures

Post by jc719 » Tue May 09, 2017 8:17 am

I was so happy to find this forum. I would love any suggestions or thoughts you may have from your experience.
My beloved Maisy is a Bearded collie mix who we rescued when she was around 3, she is now around 7 1/2 and is the best, mild mannered girl. She has thunder storm anxiety that has gotten worse over the last couple of years, she has a thundershirt. Last summer we have many storms and one night she was hiding under my daughter's bed and I woke up to her paddling, I thought she was at first having a nightmare and then an anxiety attack. By the next day I was pretty sure it was a seizure and we took her to the vet and did blood tests and liver test, all normal. We then did the fasting overnight liver test and it showed something.. but nothing concrete. We then did an ultrasound and everything was clear. In between the time of the tests Maisy had another seizure that we video'd and the vet confirmed it was a grand mal seizure.
The next steps were putting Maisy on anti-seizure meds that she takes twice a day and then if they were to get worse we could do an MRI.
Maisy is having the seizures monthly, the first week of the month.. Usually it is between 12-2am. and then she will likely have another one a day or two later in the afternoon. They last around a minute. Her jaw is locked open (usually) she paddles fast, her eyes are frightened and she is frothing at mouth. Afterwards she has a hard time walking and then is restless for a good hour. Wandering and looking for water.
I thought it was related maybe to the full moon cycle but it appears to be more on the new moons.
She was panting more than normal in the month leading up to her first seizure. We put it down to being slightly overweight and it was summer heat. I know that they can pant when they are in pain or anxious. She is normal otherwise. The panting has gotten better but does appear here and there. I'm currently trying to track if it appears in the days before the seizure and then goes away until the following month. Let me know if anyone has any thoughts on what else we should test for.

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Re: 7 yr old Bearded Collie Mix. monthly seizures

Post by ShilohsMom » Wed May 10, 2017 9:02 am

Welcome to the forums. Bearded Collies are beauties!!!! I don't really have any suggestions on what else to test for at this point because it doesn't sound like there are any other symptoms that would indicate something like a tumor going on. Keeping a journal can be extremely helpful for both you and your vet. Have you talked to the vet about increasing meds just before the new moon to see if that would help?
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Re: 7 yr old Bearded Collie Mix. monthly seizures

Post by marshalldee3 » Wed May 31, 2017 6:12 am

Just as a note when you're taking information make sure you list as many recurring things as possible as sporadic conditions could just be random variables that will throw off your data for the vet.

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