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Posted: Fri Nov 17, 2017 6:21 pm
by LaKaline
Hello, I'm new here. Name is Lynn, married with 11 year old daughter. 2 Siberian Huskies and 4 cats...all indoors. Both of my huskies had seizures from around ages of 1-3, but both stopped. Then our Shelbie started again about 3 years ago. Approximately every 4-6 weeks, she has her cluster of seizures. There are never any signs that lead up to it so we know it's coming. She'll just fall and seize and pee all over herself and our floor. Because afterward she is very agitated and hyped up and just whines and walks, whines and walks, we put her outside in our fenced in back yard, where often time we will mostly leave her until the seizure activity is over...can be up to several seizures lasting a couple of days. To completely recover to where we'll say she's back to her old self, though, can take up to another week. Then approximately a month later, it all starts again. We've tried to force her to eat and drink shortly after (she always seems super hot and told that sugar will help bring her out of it), but she's so agitated that she won't put up with taking either.

She takes 1/2 a phenobarbital twice a day, but I'm not sure that it is even helping because we have doubled it to a whole twice a day and even slowed it down to a 1/2 once a day. She still has her seizures and they are no better (oddly enough, I want to say they were worse in intensity and number after the month of doubling). Our vet has suggested putting her on Potassium Bromide, but right now we can't afford, but I do know our other husky stopped her seizures completely after going on it (and has not restarted), so I know it's a possibility. My husband was told by a friend of his that his dog gets an injection of something that starts with a Z, but our vet has never mentioned this.

I'm wondering though, what do you do with your dog in between and after the seizures during a cluster? Like I said, we mostly leave ours outside because of how she acts after a seizure and also because we know more are coming. But when it's nighttime and/or when we have to go to work, we never really know what to do with her. We normally crate them at night and while we are gone, but don't think it's right for either of them to leave Shelbei pinned up in her crate while she is having her seizures, but yet we can't allow her to roam the house in that state, but yet it's getting colder and, although they are huskies, they are INDOOR huskies, so I'm not sure how cold is too cold for them to stay outside.

She's a great dog and I know she can't help it, but honestly I feel so overwhelmed with her right now. We just went through 2-1/2 days of multiple seizures and she is finally starting to recognize us as her family again. Our entire house smells like dog pee because it's all over her (she has a lot of fur back there) and she doesn't trust us to wash her yet. Any advice would be helpful!!

Re: New & Questions

Posted: Mon Nov 20, 2017 4:52 pm
by ShilohsMom
Hi Lynn and welcome to the boards. I'm so sorry that you've had not just one but two dogs with seizures. It's an extremely difficult disease to deal with. Clustering makes it even worse. Has your vet suggested Valium protocol? Here's a link that might be helpful http://www.canine-epilepsy-guardian-ang ... ycare.html It's really important to minimize the number of seizures the dog has. The more they have the more the brain thinks they're normal. Could your husbands friend meant Zonisamide? Not aware of it being an injectable but that may have changed since Shiloh was on it. Taking 1/2 Pheno twice a day doesn't sound like it'd be enough for a husky.

I never left Shiloh unattended outside. He stayed in the house and I did my best to seizure proof the rooms and close off ones I didn't want him in. I also wanted to keep track of when he was having seizures when I wasn't home. As much as I hated pee on the carpet, it along with the underside of his mouth being wet, it was evidence he'd had one while I was at work. Depending on how many seizures Shiloh had it would affect his behavior and sometimes he would chew on weird things, door knobs, water bowl, anything really.

Boy, I remember the smell of my house too, it was embarrassing if someone came over. I bought one of those spot rug cleaners and it seemed like I was always cleaning up something. I put waterproof pads on the furniture which helped keep them from being ruined. Do you have a room, like the kitchen or utility room that you can block off? Maybe create a safe place in the garage? As for her back end, Shiloh was like that too, I finally clipped all the hair in the area really short, it wasn't pretty but at least his hair wasn't saturated with pee. They have waterless dog shampoo at Walmart that might help clean the area up a bit if you don't want to bath her every time.

If you're struggling to pay for the medication you might look into contacting the Wally Foundation. They help people with expenses related to epilepsy. They do have income type requirements, but it might be worth a look to you.

Hope you're able to find things that work for you.