Diagnostic Testing Results Question

General questions about tests and procedures for diagnosing canine epilepsy. Please note that we cannot make a diagnosis or interpret specific test results via this forum - please consult your veterinarian for specific advice for your individual pet.

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Diagnostic Testing Results Question

Post by SnowysMom777 » Fri Apr 13, 2018 11:40 am

My St. Bernard was dx'ed with idiopathic epilepsy at age 2 -she is now 4. She is taking Phenobarb, Zonisamide and 8 hr Keppra. She was just blood tested and am concerned about the results: LOW GGT, Thyroid, HI ALK PHOS and HI ALT. I am most concerned about the LOW Thyroid. Can this be an artifact from Phenobarb use? She will be having a Bile Acid Test this upcoming week. Will this Bile Acid Test indicate more information regarding the above test results? Sincerely, Melinda - SnowysMom 777.

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Re: Diagnostic Testing Results Question

Post by Box40Rin » Mon Apr 16, 2018 5:11 am

Hopefully the Bile Acid Test will give you more information. Does she have symptoms of low thyroid? What does your veterinarian have to say about test results? After Bile Acid results come in, that would be a good time to schedule a consultation with your veterinarian and put all this together. Then, if a change in medication is needed, your veterinarian can make that decision with your input. Please keep posting, we are interested.

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