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Post by moffattk » Mon Mar 25, 2013 2:09 am

So we have had an interesting week. Kirby had a 2 min seizure on Sat the 16th. His longest one so far. We were scheduled for labs on Tues the 19th. In running the labs, they said Kirby had a lot of fat in his blood. So we did a lipid panel and his cholesteral came in at normal levels but his triglycerides came back at 4021. They said normal range is 29-229. One vet in the practice said she knows that the schnauzer breed is known for having this problem and the high fat in the blood can cause seizures. In doing research on this, it turns out that Shelties are the number 3 breed known for this problem. So the vet thinks that if we can get his blood fats down, then he may not have seizures. She also said that this would explain why his epilepsy is not responding to the Pb and KBr, even tho we have really upped his dosages. So Kirby may not be an epileptic, if his seizures are caused by his high blood fat level. The other bad news is that phenobarb and potassium bromide can cause triglycerides to rise dramatically. So we have started him on a low-fat diet, and will be drawing a lipid panel in about 4 weeks to see if it is having any affect. If so, maybe we can decrease some of his dosages, to help drop his triglycerides even further. It will be interesting to monitor his seizures and see if they decrease in frequency and if his post-ictal length of time decreases... Currently he goes for about 3 days in this state before he gets back to normal.

Karen and epi Kirby (2 yr old blue merle sheltie)
First GM seizure: 10/29/12
Last GM seizure: 03/16/13

Pb 97.2 mg Bid, KBr 250 mg in am, 500 mg in pm.

Additives: gelatin 1 tsp Bid, milk thistle 525 mg Bid, seizure guard 1 scoop Bid and Nuroplex 2-500 mg capsules Bid
Now on a low fat diet, started on 3/20/13

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