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Photogenic seizures?

Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2001 10:22 pm
by jmori
I have a client with a 15 year old Dachshund that has had 3 episodes of facial twitching and head jerking when exposed to bright sunlight. DeLahunta refers to photogenic seizures, but does not describe any true diagnostic or treatment recommendations.

If you have any expericene or advice it would be appreciated.

Thank You.

Re: Photogenic seizures?

Posted: Wed Oct 26, 2016 12:33 am
by duzeygoz
I have a question but another topic.
I have a dog, she is a cooker, 7 years old. She has cataract. Katarakt
Anybody have a experience? The cataract surgery is a normal and easy or what?
I'm afraid.