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Weening off Keppra

Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2014 4:47 pm
by lisakathryn87
We've been seizure-free almost 4 months (yay!!!!) since adding Potassium Bromide to our existing regime of 90mg Pheno x2 a day and 750mg x2 a day of Keppra. My vet believes the Keppra isn't doing much (as do I), so I'm in the process of weening her off it...but I'm terrified. Yesterday was the first day I started giving her two 500 mgs, rather than the 750s. Has anyone else done this? Adverse results? I know it's different from dog to dog, but figured I'd ask....
Also...since I'm doing this process, it's made me nervous she will seize while I'm at work. Bailey is known for having clusters, so I'm nervous. I do have the diazepam suppository and pills if she has them while I am home, but I heard if you don't start that process right after at least the second seizure, it won't there truth in this?!? Gosh, I hope not!!

Re: Weening off Keppra

Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2014 5:23 pm
by cforecatsmeow
First, congrats on the seizure-free 4 months. That's great. There are a lot of stories of weaning off of Pheno and Keppra on this site and as usual, there seems to be mixed results in that regard. We're holding steady where we are for the time being and have gradually gone up but he is stable. The vet is right about taking it gradual, just do little by little and see how it goes. My vet will not even consider any lowering of dosing until after a year of seizure free activity. However, I think many dogs do respond to the Bromide/Pheno combination very well.

Valium stops clustering if administered after the seizures occur. Winston has had clusters while I am at work and then I have given him oral and/or rectal Valium after coming home and they have stopped but that usually leads to a tweak of medicine. Not sure how bad the clusters are for your babe. I mean some dogs have just an enormous amount of seizures in a short period of time. Winston's progress with each one but he still recovers quickly and his post-ictal is usually not that bad. We have had our scares though.

Wishing you success in this regard.