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Jake's seizures

Posted: Sat Dec 19, 2009 9:20 pm
by devonsnana
In June I found an article on Canine Tubular Disorder. I carried it to the vet and argued feverently to try it. Because he was also having major issues with allergies the vet decided to put him on Benedryl. He has not had any episodes and we have started a weaning process of his medications. He still has major alergy issues and now has some balding due to yeast secondary to the alergies. He has not had any form of seizure, tubular disorder since June. We are very happy. If I had not been searching for seizure disorders and the differences in them I would not have known about the Tubular Disorder. Jake is wonderful now but still a lot of medication to wean him from and probably will be on Benedryl and Phenobarbital and least small dosage the rest of his life. Thank you for all your responses.