BARF Diet??

Questions about the influence of diet and metabolism on seizures.

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BARF Diet??

Post by jharb3 » Thu Nov 03, 2011 9:08 pm

I have a 2 1/2 year old aussie. She started having seizures right before she turned one. At this point I have tried everything. She is currently on 3 60 Pb tablets twice daily and one 925 Kbr at night. She is still having seizures at least once a week. Her newest thing is cluster seizures. She started having them when we moved two months ago. Tonight she has had at least 20 cluster seizures. Every time she lays down to go to sleep she will have a quick seizure and then be fine until she tries to go back to sleep. Last week I changed her food from a dry all natural dog food to the Fresh pet select frozen dog food that is supposed to be all natural ingredients. Im wondering if the change in dog food is the reason for her cluster seizures tonight?

I am seriously considering changing her diet to BARF but I'm not quite sure how to do it. Can I purchase it some where pre-packaged or do I have to make it myself and if so how? I am becoming desperate at this point and need some serious help. I am a college student who is waitressing my way through school and the other half of my income goes to my dog. Any advice on how to feed the BARF diet would greatly help!!

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Re: BARF Diet??

Post by debp » Fri Nov 04, 2011 2:33 pm

I have a border collie who started having seizures 3 years ago at age 2. I suspected that he had food "triggers" although you can never be sure. I started raw feeding right away after he had a seizure after eating his morning meal and then another after his evening meal after I had switched to a new "better" food at the beginning of this journey. Was on fairly low dose of PB and Chinese Herbs for 2+ years without any further seizures until this year. His PB levels had gotten pretty low (17) so we increased. Then about 6 months later (Aug this year)he got into the neighbors cat food in their garage and ate almost an entire bag of food. Next day he had 2 seizures about 3 hours apart. Then a few more about 1 week apart until I realized that the good Salmon Oil I was squirting on his food recently, contained Rosemary. A possible trigger according to some. So his history has been mostly infrequent seizures, but almost all could be attributed to food. Maybe.
What I would do on a shoestring budget - find a source for chicken and/or duck necks and go for the raw. (No artificial anything goes in my Blue's mouth) Go to the rawfeeding group on Yahoo. Tons of information out there. I feed chicken/duck/fish such as mackeral out of a can etc. and supplement sometimes with veggies and oatmeal although the true raw feeders don't feel you even have to do that. Add in some organ meat (giblets) occasionally too. Your Aussie will LOVE the raw food. Carrots for treats.
Just start feeding it and feel your way. It becomes much less scary once you do it. I made sure at first that he crunched instead of gulped. He has not had any issues except when I fed too many chicken backs that were too fatty and he gained weight and developed pancreatitus. My fault completely. I now watch the fat/skin and try to keep it lean.
BTW - I have a friend (human) with neurological problems. I have seen what happens if she eats certain foods. She had some Chinese food for lunch one day that put her in the hospital for 3 days. MSG. So of course it is possible that preservatives and such can have an effect on our dogs with seizures.

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Re: BARF Diet??

Post by debp » Fri Nov 04, 2011 3:03 pm

BTW - I also had a food allergy test done on him. It is pretty expensive but it showed that he was allergic to Pork, Eggs, Peanut Butter and Wheat. So we avoid all of these. You may want to try starting with one specific protein like Duck and see if it helps.
Also, I did look up Fresh Pet and it says all natural ingredients. But some food manufacturers are using Rosemary as a preservative and it is considered a natural ingredient, although it doesn't appear that they have that as an ingredient. Just an FYI.
Of course the seizures may not be food related or environmental so I don't want anyone to think this is the answer for everyone. It just was helpful for us to go this route, so I wanted to share. And I happen to think that raw feeding is beneficial for all dogs unless there is a specific health issue that would not allow for it.

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Re: BARF Diet??

Post by Terry H. » Sun Nov 06, 2011 11:16 am

My dog Megan eats Honest Kitchen dog food and I really think she had food allergies before I switched her to this food. She would have gas, on and off loose stools and she doesn't have that any more. She was on a raw food diet (frozen patties) for about a year and this really didn't help her much. She now eats Honest Kitchen Preference that we add cooked meat to. We just started giving her the Thrive and Zeal also which has meat in it. We order it on the Honest Kitchen website.

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Re: BARF Diet??

Post by seebr5640 » Sun Nov 06, 2011 1:45 pm


Sorry to hear about your aussie.

Did you know that when a dog is on KBr, the dog must stay on the same diet and food should not be switched? If the food is switched, it should be done very slowly to not trigger a seizure. There may be a difference in chloride levels between the foods. The food switch may have caused the seizure.

Before switching her back, I would talk to the vet.

Or if you want to keep her on the current food that you are feeding her. The vet may now need to adjust the KBr dosage. :)

If you are wanting to try the BARF diet, you may need to do this switch very slowly as well and the KBr dosage may need to be adjusted, because the BARF diet will most likely contain no salt.

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