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Questions about the influence of diet and metabolism on seizures.

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Re: Raw diet

Post by nancy180 » Wed Apr 23, 2014 7:07 am

Not long ago, my PWD came across a live bird on the trail. The bird was injured and
couldn't get away. Before I could stop her, she swallowed the bird whole, beak,
feathers and all. It was a robin, fair size.

I've had dogs eat road kill ( and roll in it too, yuck) with no ill effects. Guess that's
raw food too LOL.

On a more serious note. Ground meat is where the problems lie. Even high quality
ground from the supermarket is supposed to be cooked to well. By feeding whole
meats of human quality, you avoid the grinding machine where most of the issues
are. It's not more expensive if you shop around and look for sales.

Try joining a raw food group like Yahoo raw. Certain conditions really demand raw food.
My old GSD had EPI. A small bottle of pancreas powder was about $35. I got some
raw pancreas ( a controlled substance) and gave her a tiny piece each day. What a
difference it made!!

Every dog and owner is different and each doggie diet requires some thought. I lived
in Spain for many years (1970-1980). There was no such thing as "dog" food. No cans,
no kibble, nothing. You bought extra meat and fed that to the dog. Nothing was
ground. The GSD got huge hunks of lamb, goat, beef plus a huge assortment of
veg to nibble on (not needed but she loved it) Oh, and whole rabbits too since
they were cheap. (I hated to see the little rabbits) Every day she had some kind
of fish or other, depending what we had. Her favourite are the little sardines, fresh,
raw. She ate them like candy, the bones are very soft.

All of the above is JMHO from 40 years of raw feeding many dogs.

All the best,


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Re: Raw diet

Post by cecilia » Wed Apr 23, 2014 11:05 am

Well, I called my vet and she strongly advised against a raw diet. Soooo, I am going with Wellness Core, for now...
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Re: Raw diet

Post by MK's mom » Wed Apr 23, 2014 12:20 pm

I don't think too many vets are on board with a raw diet. Nancy, do you have a dog that has epilepsy? I don't see anything in your signature line stating that you do, but if not, feeding an epi dog can be a different ballgame from feeding a dog that is healthy. I thought about raw for a nanosecond, but read where it's not a good idea to feed raw to a dog with a seizure disorder.
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Re: Raw diet

Post by nancy180 » Wed Apr 23, 2014 4:45 pm

Hi Nathan,

Yes, my PWD (portuguese water dog) has 2 disorders. One is still undiagnosed
but the neurologist ( Dr. Susan Cochran, EVet in Toronto) thinks it is similar to
Parkingson's. Her first seizure didn't occur until she was 4. I was totally
freaked out. However, she is doing much better. She still needs another
MRI but that will have to wait ($)

She is raw fed but I have raw fed for 40 years to multiple dogs. It is not for
everone, esp. the squimish. I eat very little meat so chopping up raw turkeys
is hard on the emotions. However, I can't deal with kibble. If I were to use
kibble, I would use Orijen or Legacy, both CDN brands with no imported


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