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 Post subject: Re: Add Zonisamide or increase Keppra dose?
PostPosted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 1:50 pm 

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Have you tried Rxcut.com or Goodrx.com? We really got lucky. We have a small family run pharmacy that I've gotten it from for the last few years and they have their own discount program. If you can, see if there are any in your area. They're competing with the larger chains so they're doing what they can to stay competitive. Also, sometimes if you buy more it brings the cost down. I get 300 (500mg) tablets for about $120.00 They last about 2 months. The price just went up $20.00.
Some people get theirs from Canadian pharmacies but I don't know very much about them.
I hope this helps.


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 Post subject: Re: Add Zonisamide or increase Keppra dose?
PostPosted: Tue Mar 14, 2017 12:06 am 

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Oh my, you and Archer have been through a lot. I am sorry to hear of Archer having troubles. I hope he gets back on track and starts feeling better soon.

CVS and Walgreens both take GoodRx coupons, but prices do vary depending where you are. A 90 day supply of generic Keppra where I am at CVS is over $300 WITH goodrx and $181 at Walgreens with goodrx and the pharmacies are within 5 miles of each other, some right next door on the next block.

Perhaps, try this: Google "pet prescription discount cards" for other options, and you could ask CVS or Walgreens if they take cards like this one:


I use CVS too and if I ask them to see if they can find it cheaper using other discount pet cards, they plug in some without me even having a card.

Did you try Diamondback Drugs?
DiamondbackDrugs- your vet can call them with a script, then DD calls you for payment. I usually receive orders within 3 days paying the $8 shipping, and I am on the east coast. They ship from west USA, I think Nevada. They will also give quote to either you or vet. However, I do not know what pharmaceuticals they have for the generic brand.


Allivet.com has the generic - Levetiracetam - in 250mg up to 1000mg for $.23-$.64 per pill (depending on type: they list oral solution, then regular tablet, then the XR which is the extended release form) and some mg's cost less if you have to get 100 or more. Your vet can call in the prescription for you. I just don't know what pharmaceutical they have, but I am sure if you call them, they will have an answer. Here is this prices for it and it's free shipping for order over $49:
http://www.allivet.com/search.aspx?Sear ... etiracetam

I have used both Diamondback and Allivet for my Buttercup.

I hope Archer is better soon. Be sure to take care of you too. :)


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 Post subject: Re: Add Zonisamide or increase Keppra dose?
PostPosted: Wed Mar 15, 2017 7:59 am 

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Do you have a Costco in your city? That's where I get most of Baxter's drugs. Only the Potassium Bromide needs to go to a compounding pharmacy.

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 Post subject: Re: Add Zonisamide or increase Keppra dose?
PostPosted: Thu Mar 30, 2017 2:15 pm 

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I think we do have a Costco here, but I'm not a member. I'll have to look into it. I'm sure I know someone that has a membership :)

I did end up talking to my vet, who went through a different distributor and was actually able to get Lupin generic keppra. It was

The latest was a 9 minute seizure Saturday night, so he spent the night at the ER vet and was started on potassium bromide. That puts him at three meds (potassium bromide, keppra, zonisamide) plus three supplements (GABA, taurine, cholodin). I hope this is the right direction to take. When he started zonisamide in August, it gave us 7 months seizure free. Now that we've started on the PBr, I'm wondering if increasing the zonisamide would have been a better option? Hard to say... just hate the unpredictability of this disease... we are planning a vacation in July and I'm already worried sick about leaving him with my parents, because I don't know how they'd react to him seizing and there's no way to predict if he'll have one or not. But, selfishly, I want to go on vacation!

I keep trying to remind myself that each and every one of those 7 months and 4 days seizure free was a blessing. I just worry that we'll never get back to that. He had 5 seizures in 6 hours on March 6, and then a 9 minute seizure March 25 (and probably a seizure during the day- I wasn't home, but found a large wet spot in his kennel consistent with a bunch of drool). And I just keep hearing that the more they seize, the more likely they are to seize again. Sigh......

Archer, Lab/Akita mix

First seizure: July 6, 2015
Last seizure: March 25, 2017

Current meds:
Potassium Bromide 1000mg 1x/day (started 3/28/17)
Keppra 1000mg 3x/day
Zonisamide 150mg 2x/day
Cholodin 1 tablet 2x/day
GABA 500mg 2x/day
Taurine 500mg 2x/day

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