Epitrol or Chinese herbal remedies

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daisy's mom
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Epitrol or Chinese herbal remedies

Post by daisy's mom » Sun Sep 09, 2007 12:36 pm

I am happy to know that I am not alone in the "DENIAL CLUB". After trying everything imaginable including acupuncture,100% human home made diet, and chinese herbs after my Cavaliers last seizure I finally succombed to introducing Phenobarbitol 1/4gram 2x day. She is now on pb plus epitrol, a chinese herb, 4 capsules 2x day for about 5 weeks. She was seizing approx. once a month. She did have a seizure after I started the new medication but it was shorter and more mild than prior seizures. Her blood work shows 10.3 below therapeutic level. Here's the question..She is under the care of both an eastern and western doctor. The western DR. says stop the herbs and add kbr rather than increase the PB..the Eastern Dr. swears by Epitrol and believes that Epitrol with a low does of PB will reduce the seizures. Does anyone have experience with Epitrol or the combination of Epitrol and PB? Any guidance would helpful. I feel like I have wiplash.

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Post by High_Voltage_Head » Sun Sep 09, 2007 9:37 pm

I don't think i've heard of Epitrol, but i've tried a few Chinese herbs and they did nothing as far as i could tell. And i've heard other people also say they do nothing. I've never heard anyone with an epileptic dog say that they had great results with herbs.

In my biased and cynical opinion, of course the Eastern doc says use herbs with a low dose of Pb, because it will be impossible to know for sure which substance is helping, even though in my mind i know it's the Pb and not the herbs.

I'm somewhat surprised that the western doc says to stop the herbs. Most of them say the herbs won't hurt. And i also don't understand why he'd want to add KBr to the Pb instead of simply increasing the Pb because, as you say, 10.3 is a very low level. Unless the doc's idea is to eventually move to only KBr, and he started with Pb because it's faster acting. Personally, i wouldn't put my dog on both drugs if he was seizing monthly.

My advice is to simplify the procedures because otherwise you won't know what is helping/hurting. One thing at a time is important. My experience with Pb (this may not be typical) has been that every time the dose was increased my dog's seizures became milder for a few weeks and then they got worse again. If that happens to you in the midst of increasing/decreasing other drugs/herbs you'll start pulling your hair out trying to figure out what is going on.

If you're lucky, a low dose of Pb is all you'll need. But be prepared to spend many months tweaking dosages before you get some stabilization.

The more i think about it, the more i say increase the Pb if necessary, and do not add KBr until you are sure the Pb isn't working well enough with higher blood levels. Otherwise you are (or your doctor is) setting yourself up for trouble when Daisy gets some sort of bad reaction to a drug and you won't know which drug it is.
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daisy's mom
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Chinese herbs and Conventional Drugs

Post by daisy's mom » Mon Sep 10, 2007 10:20 am

Thanks for your reply. To complicate matters we have 2 western doctors one in FL our primary residence and one in NY our summer residence. The NY vet prefers Pb because of more immediate absorption and believes the side effects are less than KBr...the FL vet prefers KBr and would like to wean Daisy off of the Pb over time. I agree with you on Keep it Simple so I may just inrease the Pb rather than add the KBr if necessary. As I read all the posts it seems that there are medical as well as behavioral side effects to both Pb and KBr. At this point I would rather ask dog owners that are living with an epileptic dog, overall which drug has less side effects both medical and behavioral?? My little girl's personality has really changed.

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Re: Epitrol or Chinese herbal remedies

Post by Herrybraun » Tue Nov 03, 2015 11:36 am

I also strongly recommend ayurvedic herbal remedies because these are very effective and has no side effects. Thanks for starting this useful conversation.

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