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Dylans Dad
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Post by Dylans Dad » Tue Oct 30, 2007 3:53 pm

this time last year was so hard. so many good pups lost the fight. and being new to this, it scared the pants off of me. I was such a blubbering idiot. my sister told me to stop comming here, it was depressing me.but I just couldn`t do that,she didn` t heart still goes out to those who have lost. no pup should have to end its life this way.
I`m still scared, and do still blubber sometimes. but most times can deal with it better.
and its because of all of you.
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Post by lovemypups » Tue Oct 30, 2007 7:22 pm

You all have been so kind, and I do know what you mean Deby about how sad it is at times. I too have sat at my computer and cried my heart out for those who have had to make that special pet more comfortable in a better life. Very sad indeed. This weekend it rained and was very dreary, lots of tears. I feel better though. I went to pick up Casey's ashes today, but due to miscommunication, have to return tomorrow. The vets staff is just wonderful and they gave me a little pawprint with Casey's name ingraved in it and they sent me a single rose this weekend. (that didn't help my crying on Saturday) They are a very special group of people. I even went and looked at some puppies this evening. It is probably to soon, because I just looked, none of them really tore at my heart and said I need to come home with you, but it's a start. Give all those furkids big hugs from me.
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Post by skrpio » Tue Oct 30, 2007 8:52 pm

Hi Debbie and Debby,
I think we have all cried more since becoming memebers of this site. As I said before we get so close to all of the pups we tend to think of them as our own through both the good and bad times.
It is comforting to know that there are friends here whenever we need them, even in the background.
Today is a bad day as it it one year ago that KiKi left us. I have had to bite my lip several times today at work to halt the tears but I know they will come later on tonight.
Now I have just had an email to ask if I would take in a one year old mistreated mastiff girl, who desperately needs a good home.
I am so tempted but need to clear it with the other half - not a great doggy fan - especially slobbery dogs.
I so hate it when people mistreat their dogs.
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Post by snozzel » Wed Oct 31, 2007 1:20 am

Good to hear you are feeling a little better.

Hi Helen and Jane. We all went through a bad patch together, didn't we? This site was a godsend to me. I knew noone else with an epileptic dog and that's why I think I still come back here - to see how everyone is and also maybe pass on some of my experience and continue to support others if needed.

I have two other dogs now - Mr Wong and Chika. I still get scared when one of them does something epi-like. Chika was scratching her mouth behind the sofa the other night and it made my heart sink. It sounded so much like the chomping that started a seizure. Got how I hated that noise... I nearly sprang into action with a syringe!! Thank god it was just a scratch! But seriously, all you guys are so special to continue doing what you do. Don't forget to make the most of your days with your wonderful dogs.
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Post by MK's mom » Wed Oct 31, 2007 6:40 am

I think most of us have had moments where we feel this site is a scary place to be because we read about other folks troubles and it's too close to home for us. There have been many times when I say I won't post here anymore because I get depressed, but on the other hand we're all in the same boat and no one else really understands unless they've been in our shoes, not to mention that everyone here gets along and we all try to help each other.

Jane, I thought about you this a.m., although the 1st isn't until tomorrow for us. I know today will hurt and your mind will go back to a time you'd rather forget. I'm not going to tell you to try and remember just the good times with Kiki, because you can't help but remember some of the hurtful times. the pain will lessen as you well know and you have your new guy there to help temper the hurts and that really DOES help. I honestly don't know what to say at times like this, because nothing ever helped when I lost one of mine, only time helped with the grief.

I still have my MK, but I grieve his loss nearly every day of my life because I know what can happen. I cry all the time, too, I think we all do, it goes with the territory.

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Post by kain » Wed Oct 31, 2007 6:49 am

Hi to all of you!!!

Skripo this is such a wonderful idea to do tha patchwork. It touched me so much that I still have tears in my eyes.
Every time I think of Kain I have tears in my eyes. I still have no other dog at home....... I would love to get one but I am sooo scared!!!! I hope it will pass with time.
My kids (the younger one 3 years old and the other 5 years) ask me almost every day if Kain will come back... they loved him soo much and they remember him so well.... I guess we all feel like that!!!!!
I care about all your furkids and I feel so much what you have to go through but I can say that I am glad I had this experience. It made be a better human being... if you know what I mean.
Skripo send me a list of all the name you already have and I will try to remember if you missed out any.

My warmest thoughts to all of you and I am sure our pets (those still around and those already gone) know we love them dearly.

Helen (Mom of Kain)
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