Break through seizures - Poppy

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Break through seizures - Poppy

Post by Mandypop » Fri Aug 14, 2009 8:38 am

Poppy had her first seizure on October 17th 2006 - she had 100% control of her seizures with 60mg Pb twice daily from December 2006 - March 2009. I really thought that we had got this monster licked.

Unfortunately, the seizures have returned worse than they were in 2006. This Wednesday Poppy had a seizure at 5:20am (an hour before her Pb dose was due) I adminstered a rectal valium and gave her Pb dose at 5:30am. Then at 12:30 noon she had another, and this is where it gets worrying for me - we never had seizures that close together before. Poppy ended up at doggie hospital for the day/night as her temperature was still over 40.

She had a loading dose of Pb and we have increased her Pb to 90mg twice a day. Now it's a 'wait and see' game.

One thing I do wonder is that Poppy has had quite a few foot injuries lately and has always been prescribed Rymadyl (Carprofen). The last episode was in May and ended with her being very poorly with diarrhoea and a bleeding gut (a known side effect of Rymadyl). A few days after this course of Rymadyl Poppy had seizures.

Her bloods were checked during the diarrhoea episode and her Pb levels had dropped to 12 (normally around low 20s) so could this be how the break through seizures started up again? Has Ryamdyl allowed break through seizures to become tolerant of her normal Pb dosage?

Her bloods were re-checked again a couple of weeks back and were back at their normal level.

I've since learned that Rymadyl/Pb can affect how each other work, I suupose I had just become too complacent and not questioned the drug with my vet........
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Post by MK's mom » Fri Aug 14, 2009 9:12 am

YOu shouldn't have to question your vet, he should already know which drugs can interact or not interact with other drugs. I don't know if Rimadyl affects Pb therapy or not.

Has Poppy ever clustered before now? It might be the rimadyl or it might be that she's now clustering, you'll have to keep a log and watch to see. Have you googled drug interactions with Pb? If not, you might want to and see if you can find out on your own if the vet is of no help.

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