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Hydrogen peroxide and seizures?

Posted: Tue Mar 26, 2013 6:40 pm
by featheredwyngs
So my dog Remy (who has seizures) ate something he shouldn't have tonight and there was concern that it could cause an intestinal blockage. I consulted with a vet and they recommended using hydrogen peroxide to have him throw it up if possible. We did this and he didn't throw up right away (hacked / coughed some).... then 20 minutes later he threw up and had a seizure. (Interestingly, throwing up and gagging is my dog's typical immediate pre-ictal behavior). I talked to the vet again and informed her, and she had never heard of hydrogen peroxide inducing seizures (and, even though Remy has epilepsy, had not expected it to do so for him). I just wanted to ask if any of you out there had heard anything about this? The vet agreed it seemed to coincidental to not be related, but wasn't sure exactly what we could have triggered.

Luckily, the thing he swallowed came out... but I do feel bad about potentially triggering a seizure when he had been doing so well (had gone 5 months without a seizure, and then was most recently two months from his last one after that 5 month period).

Re: Hydrogen peroxide and seizures?

Posted: Thu Jul 19, 2018 12:09 pm
by bcstryker
^^^ I don't understand the first comment ^^^

I thought I should share my story here as I just dealt with this exact thing. My dog is not diagnosed as epileptic, but she has had at least 10 seizures in her life (all in the past 2 years, she is 6 now). We can usually trace the cause back to some toxin or something she should not have eaten (dark chocolate, stick from park where they sprayed pesticides, etc.)

Recently I left a sandwich with onions (a lot of onions) out and went to sleep with my pooch in my room. My girlfriend woke up early to use the bathroom and my dog left the room to explore the house. My girlfriend did not retrieve my dog =/ When we got up a few hours later, I found that my sandwich had been eaten. Worried for her safety as I've heard onions are VERY BAD for dogs, I gave her hydrogen peroxide so she could throw all that bad stuff back up. This worked like a charm but a few hours later she had a seizure. The sandwich was thrown up almost whole (lol) so I do not believe the onions had anything to do with the seizure.

Re: Hydrogen peroxide and seizures?

Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2018 6:56 am
by GentleJacob's Mom
Because of Pb Jake had Pica and wanted to eat everything. We eventually had to muzzle him when he wasn't around us because he had to have 4 surgeries to remove things. We muzzled him after the second surgery but the stinker still managed to eat something he shouldn't have. Luckily he could've cared less about the muzzle. We had to use Hydrogen Peroxide twice to keep him from having any more blockages. Once he had a Grand Mal and the other he had a Focal seizure. We were told it was from the stress from vomiting and not the Hydrogen Peroxide itself. When he would throw up with or without Hydrogen Peroxide he could have some form of a seizure. We were always prepared if he got sick to step in and stop it if possible with Ocular Compression, Acupressure, and extra meds. That worked really well sometimes.