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silver river
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Re: Cannabis Oil

Post by silver river » Sun Jul 21, 2019 5:29 pm

I need to post a correction to my earlier post. The canine CBD oil study I mentioned is being conducted by the vet school at Colorado State University,, all other data regarding the study is correct.

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Re: Cannabis Oil

Post by AbbyandSam » Thu Feb 27, 2020 3:17 am

I'm so sorry Suzyq. It's a shame to me that an herb that grows from the ground with so many potential uses other than getting "high" is not legal. It's ridiculous and is the pharmaceutical machine and the mentally defunct who try to keep this treatment from being a reality and just makes me crazy. They are trying to get medicinal marijuana passed in my State now and we'll see how it goes. However, I contacted many teaching veterinarian schools and none of them are testing with low THC marijuana on canine epilepsy yet sadly, even in States who have legal medicinal and/or recreational marijuana laws. They don't have the money. I keep waiting for that Powerball jackpot so I can fund it myself. However, maybe we just all need to get together and raise some money for this somehow. Something tells me there are people out there who would help, we just need to find the people who are willing to cough up the money :) When you see the positive outcomes with children using the Charlotte's Web strain of medicinal marijuana, it's amazing. However, I e-mailed the manufacturers of the low THC strain and they have a long waiting list for children. I don't think it's coming for canines anytime soon.
If that's legal in your state you can afford to grow some on your own. If you can raise some money you can set up a small grow tent as mentioned on 420growradar, which you can place even in your room. There are tons of techniques that allow you to grow some and even make oil at home.

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