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Seizures and Temperament

Posted: Wed May 09, 2001 6:39 am
by Nancy Bartol
My two dogs have apparent familial focal seizures and recently had EEG�s. Both were given a light sedative prior to testing. My male settled in and took a nap; my female fought the sedative and would periodically change her position, going through her typical attention grabbing antics. She is very strong-willed while my boy is soft-hearted. What struck me is that their reactions to the sedative relate to their seizure behavior. My boy lies down when he has a seizure, appears calm and waits them out � doing so he�s up and fine in a matter of minutes. My girl�s seizures are much longer, more pronounced, and her recovery time is longer. I�m wondering if she is fighting the seizure, just like when she fought the sedation.

Is there published literature exploring a relationship between personality (temperament), learning, and seizure control? Any thoughts that dogs can learn to control their seizures?