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Vaccinations with epi dogs

Posted: Wed Nov 01, 2017 8:45 am
by jschrader
Hello, I was hoping to get some opinions on the subject.

My dog, Yukon started having seizures in November 2013 at the age of 1 1/2. It was about 2 weeks after he had annual vaccinations that included the DHLPP and rabies vaccine. Since then, I have not had him vaccinated with the DHLPP (distemper/lepto combo) again in case that was a cause of his seizures. He did have a 3 year rabies vaccine in November 2014. Looking back at his seizure activity it seemed to increase a lot around that time. He is due for the rabies vaccine again soon, and I am concerned that it will it worse. Over the last year he has been doing much better. He used to have grand mal seizures every couple weeks in clusters, and now he only has a grand mal maybe once a month, and hasn't has a cluster seizure in quite awhile.

Does anyone else skip the vaccinations alltogether or notice that there is more seizure activity afterwards?

Re: Vaccinations with epi dogs

Posted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 1:35 am
by Lovelight

My dog never had any issues with vaccines even before her onset of seizures. However, I didn't give mine her boosters once she began having seizures. At the time the question came up for us, we didn't know much about her condition or seizures and we were advised to give the vaccines one at a time (no live virus) with time between shots, but I refused to give the vaccines until she was evaluated by a neurologist. Good thing I made that decision to wait. My dog's seizures were caused by Pug Dog Encephalitis(PDE- also knows as NME: Necrotizing Meningoencephalitis) and we were told by her neurologist to absolutely not give any vaccines (live or not) because of it (diagnosis confirmed later on). At that point, vaccines were no longer an issue. Through the duration of her illness (almost 18 months), the state never asked about vaccines and hers were due last spring and summer. She passed away this summer from her illness. Additionally, my dog had no issues not having her boosters, meaning she remained immunized, and never contracted anything she was exposed to (she was exposed to parvo once that I know) and she was in and out of the emergency vet more times that I can remember either for blood work or emergencies. PDE was my dog's only ailment (seizures being a symptom of her disease).

With your dog, have you spoken to his doctor (vet or neurologist) about your concerns? You definitely have to find out first if it is ok to vaccinate when your dog has a seizure disorder, and especially that you feel his seizure condition worsens after vaccinations. There may be a way around reactions, such as not giving a live virus to vaccinate an epi dog, or maybe to give perhaps one vaccine at a time with some time between shots and refraining from giving a five way or any other combination vaccines (then you can know which affects his seizures or if it is just one). Ask about titre tests (ie for rabies) and if your state accepts one, you may not have to give him the rabies shot this year. With seizures, their systems are compromised and giving a combination vaccine may not be a good idea for an epi dog. You are wise to be concerned. There is a window, even with DHLPP that they may still be protected, even if overdue say a month or three (for rabies), so you have time to find out, even if his shots are due this month.

Let us know how your dog is doing and what you find out. I am sure others have the same questions as well.

Re: Vaccinations with epi dogs

Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 7:08 pm
by akg
My dog started having seizures immediately after her latest vaccines, within 10 minutes. I won't give her anymore. She is an indoor dog that isn't around other dogs, so I don't see the need. I am wondering if there is a different chemical in the vaccines now. She never had trouble before.