Elevated liver values, medication, and anxiety.

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Elevated liver values, medication, and anxiety.

Post by BananaAna82 » Mon Nov 06, 2017 9:37 pm

My dog Vinny is around 5 years old, we have had him since he was around 2. He started having seizures around a year after we adopted him. He is currently on Keppra xr 1,500mg, Phenobarbital 97.2mg, and Zonisamide 300mg, all 2x a day, as well as Denamarin once a day, cranberry pills for UTIs, and 5-6mg CBD biscuits in the morning and night. He is having a seizure around every 3 to 4 weeks since June. He used to clusters, but the past six months we have been able to stop the seizures with Valium and Clorazepate, and he generally only has one. I just got lab results back and his Alk Phosphatase is extremely elevated and his Amylase is high too. We are scheduled for a pre and postprandial bile acids test in two weeks for further info on liver function. Potassium Bromide isn't a good option, since he has had issues with pancreatitis in the past.

I'm kinda freaking out. I'm worried about the effects of the medication and that he is on too much, but also we don't have super great control right now. He has gone periods of 9 months then 7 months with no seizures, and I miss those day. I'm not really sure what to do. The neurology vet we see doesn't want to make any changes until we get the results of the bile acid tests. I worry about doing irreparable damage to his liver, but also about him ending up in status. I trust my vets generally, but also sometimes just want to stop everything and try a more natural route. I don't plan to make any major changes without my vet, but I sometimes worry about making the wrong choices for him. He doesn't seem sick, we go to the park, he's super silly and playful. The thought of losing him, especially so young breaks my heart. I struggling to handle the anxiety and the decisions. I'm trying to give him the best life I can now, and enjoy what time with do have. Any ideas or suggestions, both on medications/treatment/supplements, and/or how you handle the stress and anxiety of this awful disease?


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Re: Elevated liver values, medication, and anxiety.

Post by Gentle Jacob's mom » Wed Nov 08, 2017 7:30 am

I think outside of witnessing our babies seizing, deciding what to do is so stressful. We adjusted Jake's meds so many times. There were many times that I wondered if his seizures would be any different without meds, but I never wanted to poke the bear so we stayed with it. Jake was also very happy and goofy, sometimes not long after he'd had a seizure. He loved going for rides, long hikes and going to the beach. We never let this disease keep us from doing what he loved. We just took all his meds with us just in case. A specialist once told me that if you can keep them happy, that's half of the battle. He was absolutely right.
The tests will be able to pinpoint where the problem is. Do you give Vinny Milk Thistle? That helps with liver support.
I was scared many times that we would lose Jake to status and in the end that's what happened. But we had 12 wonderful years with him, 11 with seizures mainly every 2-3 weeks. I'm so grateful for the time we had, but I'm still very hurt about the way he died. I handled the stress of dealing with his seizures by coming here, sometimes ranting beyond words, but the support I found is what kept me going. That and Jake being his goofy self made me get up and fight for him every day. Sit down and talk to your vet about all of this. If you don't feel you have the right vet, if you can, look for another one until you do. I know sometimes, depending on where you live, that may not be possible. But it's so important for them to be up on the latest and for you to feel their support and empathy. If you don't have a choice in vets, keep asking questions and showing them information you find. You may not always agree, and you may find that you learn together, but the respect should be there no matter what.

I hope this helps. Let us know how the tests come out.
Take Care,

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