Cluster Seizures Across 3 days

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Cluster Seizures Across 3 days

Post by orien30 » Fri Dec 01, 2017 2:28 pm

Hi All,

My English Bulldog was diagnosed with epilepsy back in 2015. She was on phenobarb for a little over a year and it was a miracle, no seizures. Then they started to pop up again, at first a small cluster of 2 every three weeks. Then it got up to 3 in her cluster.

The doctor switched her to Zonisimade and Keppra. Since being on these meds the frequency increases every bout. She went from 4, to 5, 5, then up to 6. Then a few days ago she started have seizures (don't worry she's at the ER hospital, care coordinated by her vet, neurologist and ER doctor). She had 10 total Wednesday, 10 Thursday, and 2 so far today. The ER is putting her back on pheno and doing the IV. They had tried Keppra IV and it did nothing, she was still having them. They are also adding Clorazepate.

All of the seizures are 2 minutes or under still and most we an hour in between, some up to 4 hours, some less than an hour. However, the post phase seems to be becoming longer each bout. I'm pretty terrified the seizures won't stop. They've also given her the Valium and a medication to reduce possible brain inflammation.

Anyone else experience this? Its terrifying. She never continued to seize across days like this.

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