Cluster Seizures Across 3 days

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Cluster Seizures Across 3 days

Post by orien30 » Fri Dec 01, 2017 2:43 pm

Hi All,

My English Bulldog was diagnosed with epilepsy back in 2015. She was on phenobarb for a little over a year and it was a miracle, no seizures. Then they started to pop up again, at first a small cluster of 2 every three weeks. Then it got up to 3 in her cluster.

The doctor switched her to Zonisimade and Keppra. Since being on these meds the frequency increases every bout. She went from 4, to 5, 5, then up to 6. Then a few days ago she started have seizures (don't worry she's at the ER hospital, care coordinated by her vet, neurologist and ER doctor). She had 10 total Wednesday, 10 Thursday, and 2 so far today. The ER is putting her back on pheno and doing the IV. They had tried Keppra IV and it did nothing, she was still having them. They are also adding Clorazepate.

All of the seizures are 2 minutes or under still and most we an hour in between, some up to 4 hours, some less than an hour. However, the post phase seems to be becoming longer each bout. I'm pretty terrified the seizures won't stop. They've also given her the Valium and a medication to reduce possible brain inflammation.

Anyone else experience this? Its terrifying. She never continued to seize across days like this.

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Re: Cluster Seizures Across 3 days

Post by midousuji » Sat Dec 02, 2017 11:34 pm

I am so sorry you have had to experience this. I am so glad that she has such a dedicated care team and is in safe hands now. Unfortunately I have been looking at a similar situation, switching to keppra from phenobarb has just been decreasing in effectiveness slowly over time. I am not sure if it's just some dogs who have a great 'honeymoon period' with keppra that decreases over time, or if some of them just overall get better control with phenobarb. I have always been able to stop my dog's clusters within a 24 hours period however, with valium IV or rectally.

Was she taken off the pheno because of liver issues? Or just for her future health, since keppra is considered to be safer in the long run? My vet wanted to switch me off pheno long before it took a toll on my dog's liver, but it was so good at controlling his seizures that I didn't do it until I absolutely had to.

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Re: Cluster Seizures Across 3 days

Post by Gentle Jacob's mom » Mon Dec 04, 2017 1:04 pm

It's so scary when our dogs have multiple seizures. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this. I can't think of many other things that can make you feel more helpless.
It sounds like they're doing everything right so far. I think I'd ask why your vet took her off from Pb instead of adding the other two on.
If Clorazepate doesn't stop the clusters at home there is an injectable Keppra that is being used more often now. A couple of owners here have used it and it helped their dogs. They're calling it a cluster buster. We never tried it because of the expense, but if you can you may want to try it. It would last longer than rectal valium that only has a half life of about 30-45 minutes.
The post ictal phase can change on a dime. Jake started out not having any at all, then went through so many different phases it was hard to keep track, then went back to having little to no post ictal again.
Has anyone checked to see if she metabolizes Keppra too fast? Jake metabolized it too quickly so we switched from giving it three times a day to four with the same total daily amount. That reduced the duration of the seizures and that was when for over a year and a half he had little to no post ictal. It slowly crept back but he did have time where he wasn't banging into things and jumping at every sound acting as though he would seize again. The test is call Peak and Trough and I think we sent the blood work to Auburn University.

I hope this helps.
Take Care,

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