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New type seizure - question re Add Pb to Keppra

Posted: Tue Jan 09, 2018 3:56 pm
by Alliezig
Hi -
I have been posting regarding Ziggy - he had seizures 12/23; 1/02; 1/8; and today 1/9 - today's seizure was very brief, he did not fall over and it lasted all of 2-3 minutes, no foaming.

The vet has him on 750 mg Keppra 2x a day and 500 mg Keppra 1 x day. Now she wants to add Phenobarbital - I am afraid to do this as it seems a slippery slope to making him a zombie dog.

However, if she insists what dosage is a good starting point. Have decided to make an appointment for a neurologist and scan.

Sorry, I am really upset today as he is only 6 years old and as is everyone's dog, he is the best dog in the world.

Thank you again.

Re: New type seizure - question re Add Pb to Keppra

Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 9:52 am
by Gentle Jacob's mom
It's very scary putting our babies on these meds. When we started Jake on Pb I cried for a week because I was so sure we were hurting him. I thought he'd be dopey forever and that we'd lose him. He was dopey for about 2-3 weeks, but nothing that kept him from running and enjoying being outside. Slowly he came back to being him. If anything Pb gave him permission to be more stubborn than before :) I did notice in the beginning that his herding nature wasn't there but that eventually came back. You may notice some personality changes but I know of dogs that don't change at all. Jake didn't have any big changes.
Regular testing will catch any issues early. You'll have to have a bile acid test done annually, and after the initial tests in the beginning, blood tests every 6 months. Milk Thistle is a good supplement that supports the liver and worked very well for Jake. Just like everything else with this disease some dogs can't tolerate Pb, but there's still other options to try.
Jake weighed 45-50lbs throughout the years and he took 64.8 mgs at 6am and noon and 97.3 mgs late night. Usually it's 64.8 - 97.3 twice a day but as with everything we did we had to tweak things for him specifically. The day we lost him his Pb levels and kidney function was all normal.
I hope this helps.
Come back when you need to. We definitely understand how scared you are.
Let us know how you are.

Take Care,