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Treatment for epileptic seizures for cocker

Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2018 3:38 pm
by brunodm
Hello everyone, I wanted to ask for your help and suggestions regarding my dog's epilepsy. Sorry for my English, I'm Italian.

I have an espaniel cocker who has been suffering from epileptic seizures for about 3 years. After checking all the possible causes, it seems that the cause is genetic.
The dog suffers from cluster crisis, in the past it also had 10 crises within 72 hours. The distance from the crises at the beginning was about 20 days without any care.

Currently the treatment that the veterinarian has shown me is to administer 1 tablet and a half of Pexion (600 mg, the dog's weight is about 20kg) and a few days in addition to this 1 tablet of Libremide, ie potassium bromide.
From about 6 months, from summer 2017, just to prevent the subsequent epileptic seizures, to the first crisis, administer 1 tablet of Luminale (phenobarbital) of 100mg, and then to scale the dosage every 12h. with this solution we were able to prevent cluster crises, obtaining maximum 2-3 crises per series. In addition, during the crisis, I always try to do diapezam.

The problem is that the crises have come closer, passing distances of about 2-3 months to 1 month, and this is the reason why we have recently passed to also administer the bromide.
In reality, three epileptic seizures have occurred ten days after the last series; and in the postcrisis phase the dog has assumed strange behaviors: within 48 hours of the last of the three crises, he had sudden shots, as if he were experiencing the crisis, but then he did not arrive. It is normal?

My doubts are:
- Is it okay to give phenobarbital only to the onset of seizures and to keep pexion as a basic cure?
- The addition of bromide instead of passing to phenobarbital is correct?

In addition, the cocker is a breed that suffers a lot of ear infections, and although I am constantly taking care of this, my dog has almost continuous inflammation of the ears.
I am partly convinced that the cause of the crises can be associated with this. Have there been similar cases?

I thank all those who can answer me, unfortunately to see the dog suffering from crisis is excruciating, and slowly you get used to it ... but if anyone can help me even minimally to improve the situation, I would be very grateful for that ...

Re: Treatment for epileptic seizures for cocker

Posted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 8:47 am
by Box40Rin
Good morning,

I really thought I had answered you earlier this week but evidently didn't hit the right button.

I am a retired veterinarian and here in the USA as a rule we use phenobarbital on a daily basis and check phenobarbital levels for phenobarbital toxicity. We also use potassium bromide in conjunction with phenobarbital or alone. Consult your veterinarian and let us know the outcome. We are interested.

Re: Treatment for epileptic seizures for cocker

Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 1:16 pm
by brunodm
Thanks for the reply. :D
Also in Italy usually phenobarbital is used, but Pexion (imepitoin) is sometimes used at the beginning of the treatment due to its almost nil side effects. Initially (for the first year of treatment) it has distanced the periods of crisis, but not the frequency of each of these.

Currently the distances have been reduced again (despite an increase in dosage) and to avoid giving the basic phenobarbital, which is used to stop the cluster crises in each series, the veterinarian suggested me to give the bromide, but waiting for its effect, the crises they are coming back.
I believe that now the pexion no longer has its effect ...

My doubt was just if it was right to keep the pexion and also give bromide rather than supply the phenobarbital as a basic cure.
Phenobarbital seems to be able to satisfactorily block crises when they occur, so I think that as a basic cure it would not be bad...
but the vet is afraid of exceeding more and more then with the dosage.

He also suggested the installation of gold plates ...? Opinions on this?

If you have any experiences on this, I thank you in advance for any answers. I will keep you updated anyway.

Re: Treatment for epileptic seizures for cocker

Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 4:08 am
by Box40Rin
Good morning,

I don't have any experience with gold plates. How does that work? Sounds like your veterinarian is working hard to control the seizures without deleterious side effects from medication. Keep posting please. box40rin