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Tony has been seizure free for one year

Posted: Tue Sep 21, 2021 7:31 am
by Tonysmom
Tony was having seizures averaging about once a month. The vet recommended no drugs for it until it became more frequent. So I tried CBD oil a few years ago. It seemed to help but not totally prevent seizures. His seizures were less frequent and clearly milder. I'm giving him full-spectrum CBD extract, concentration 250 mg/30 ml. At first, I was adding several drops to each of three meals a day. His seizures always seemed to be at night or early morning before breakfast. After his last seizure on Sept.17, 2000, I started to add a few drops (3 to4) between meals just before bedtime and early in the morning before breakfast.
Tony is a Labrador Retriever who just turned 9 yesterday. I hope he continues to be seizure-free, This last year has made a great difference in his life. He seems to be so happy.